FAMILY GUY Celebrates 100

family guy stewie kills lois

As FAMILY GUY gears up to celebrate its 100th episode on November 4th, we have a feeling something really big is going to happen. Act surprised.

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    Oh why do the comment fields translate certain characters as CSS or HTML code.

    Anyway, the rest of my comment was:

    I hope it’s good, this year just hasn’t made me laugh as much. It’s not as dirty and rough as it used to be. Maybe just a little to mainstream.

  • mikey

    i watched it on youtube it was totally awesome there is a twist at the end go to and look up family guy – stewie kills lois 1/3 and so on and so on it is really cool

  • Emma

    i think that this has been a great year for family guy because the episodes are joint like in one episode stewie killed lois then in the next lois came back and the story continued but i must admit i am getting very bored of family guy and the big chicken is annoying he needs to be killed by hmmm Meg