THE DAILY SHOW Free and Online

It’s a day of celebration for office workers everywhere.

Today, Comedy Central unveiled a new web site for THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART that’s designed to satisy our insatiable appetite for hilarious DAILY SHOW clips. Or is it our desperate attempt to make the work day pass faster?

Either way, offers over 13,000 video clips representing every minute of the show since its 1995 inception.

Best of all there’s a phenomenal search feature, allowing users to quickly and easily find clips by your favorite DAILY SHOW correspondents. Need a reminder of Steve Carell’s pre-OFFICE brilliance? click here. Missed Stephen Colbert’s big announcement? You can catch it on the site’s front page. Love Samantha Bee, Rob Corddry, Lewis Black and Mo Rocca. All of your favorites are now online and ridiculously easy to find.

Congratulations goes out to Viacom [Comedy Central’s] parent company for actually getting something right for once. Here’s hoping some of our favorite shows and networks soon follow suit.

Just imagine, all of your favorite shows online for free, supported by quick and unintrusive little advertisements. Got a favorite scene? Moment? Guest star? Simply search and watch. Welcome to the future of television folks. Stay Tuned…

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  • sideofzen

    I think they need a bigger server. It is taking forever to load.

    But kudos to Viacom and I look forward to actually trying out this site when it gets itself sorted out.

  • Andrew

    Actually they only go back to Jan 19/99. No Kilborn, and it appears not to be the first Stewart show, since it makes reference to earlier ones.