CouchTater: The facts are these: There is no more quotable show currently airing than PUSHING DAISIES (“That wasn’t the truth bus. That was the crosstown bitchy express.”), which also happens to feature TV’s most eclectic gathering of characters (from pie-making ninja wannabes to retired mermaids). If you’re not watching this show, we can no longer be friends. Sorry.

TheTVAddict: CouchTater — can we still remain friends if I’m watching the show but not as in love with it as the rest of the online community? Don’t get me wrong, PUSHING DAISIES had some fantastic one-liners last night, but smart script aside, the Jim Dale narration is almost too much to take. The show has to start giving its audience a little more credit. Not everything needs to be spelled by Dale’s enchanting vocals.

CouchTater: I’m starting to feel a little ambivalent about GOSSIP GIRL. It came out of the gate strong at the beginning of the season, but seems to be faltering rather than hitting its stride. Maybe it’s the fact that every episode revolves around a party which inevitably turns into a fight, or that bitchy dialogue (“I’m not a stop along the way, I’m a destination.”) is trying to pass for character development. I’m also not feeling Leighton Meester’s take on Blair. It’s all beginning to seem like a PG-rated version of Cruel Intentions. Let’s give the show some real storylines which actually have an impact beyond a single episode and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll regain my original enthusiasm.

TheTVAddict: Gossip Girl Here. Spotted: The TV Addict taking CouchTater to task for slamming his favorite new show of the season. Forget CRUEL INTENTIONS, last night’s GOSSIP GIRL was straight out of the BEVERLY HILLS 90210 playbook. Which is quite possibly why this TV Addict loved it so much. Blair’s sleepover — who doesn’t remember the classic 90210 ‘skeletons in the closet episode’ (although I don’t recall any Brenda and Kelly girl-on-girl action!). Jenny Humphry getting caught for shoplifting. Did she not learn anything from Brenda’s big bust? (okay, so she wasn’t born, but still.) Dan and Jenny Humphry are the Brandon and Brenda of the new millennium.

CouchTater: Finally caught the premiere of SAMANTHA WHO? last night. (Thank God for!) Every time I pick a show to dub my favorite new offering of the season, something better comes along. Five minutes in, I was hopelessly in love with Sam, not to mention absolutely everyone in her life. I’m happy to report that this show lays to rest any and all rumors that the sitcom format is dead.

TheTVAddict: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Anyone who caught Christina Applegate in Broadway’s SWEET CHARITY knows exactly how charming and talented she is. SAMANTHA WHO’s success comes as no surprise to this Applegate Addict.

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  • Josh

    TVAddict, I could not disagree with you more. On two things. One, I am in love with Pushing Daisies. Seriously, this show is blowing me away. I wasn’t sure whether it would be able to remain as great as it is after the pie-lette, but it certainly has. I love the narration.

    Second, I’ve dropped Gossip Girl from my schedule. Out of all the new fall shows, I think this ranks maybe…7th? Probably lower, actually. It’s not that I hate it or even dislike it, I’m just not into it at all. The Humphreys are no Cohens, that’s for sure.

    Samantha Who was really good. I was surprised! I think I’ll keep DVRing this each week. And on a completely shallow note, Barry Watson is hot with short hair.

  • CT

    While Josh hasn’t come right out and said it, what he means is that he likes me more than you, Daniel. Perhaps some homeopathic antidepressants with your coffee this morning to help cushion the blow?

  • I agree with Josh & CT about all 3 shows. I actually quit watching GG about halfway through the first episode cause I just couldn’t stomach another story about rich, pampered kids. Especially when I found none of them as endearing as the kids on The OC. lol Sorry Daniel! 😀

  • I aggree with Josh, PUSHING DAISIES is fantastic!! i can’t get enough of that!!! ^^ GG is good but it’s really a teen thing. I m still watching it because Kristen Bell is in here and i love that (her) !

  • I’m in the middle of watching last night’s episode of Pushing Daisies. When Ned brought the funeral director back to life, 1 minute 3.6 seconds passed before Chuck slammed the lid on him. So, someone already should have died in his place. But, when she slammed the lid on him, Ned said there were still 29 seconds to go. I know it’s nitpicky, but this show should do a better job following its own rules.