An UGLY BETTY Shocker!

Like virtually every episode of UGLY BETTY, last night’s installment was the perfect Mode Mojito of hilarity, emotion and surprises. With the biggest shocker being that DAWSON’S CREEK James Van Der Beek is still acting! Who knew?

But in all seriousness, UGLY BETTY is perhaps the one series this season that’s completely managed to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump. From its brilliant use of guest stars [Spy Daddy Victor Garber] to its snappy dialogue [“When Fey started puking up her breakfast, she was thrilled. Until she realized she was pregnant!”] UGLY BETTY truly lives up to NBC’s Thursday night slogan ‘Comedy Night Done Right’ [and after last night’s train-wreck episode of THE OFFICE, at least one show should, regardless of network.]

That said, my one issue with the season thus far is Justin. While I recognize the fact that the writers have to find ways in which to integrate him into the story-lines. His lightining fast transformation from straight gay ‘A’ student to basketball playing, beer drinking badass seems a little quick. Outside of an episode or two last season, Justin had virtually zero relationship with his father. Yet now that he’s permanently gone from Justin’s life [ie. dead] we’re supposed to buy the fact that Justin wants to be just like him? He doesn’t really even know what kind of man he was.

In other dead [missing] parent news, Amanda’s search for her biological father continues to produce brilliant results. Willi’s recollection of her swinging Studio 60 days were hilarious as was Amanda’s ‘father collage’ of parent possibilities. While we have a feeling Ted Kennedy, Warren Beatty and Ricardo Montalban won’t be showing up at Mode anytime soon, the guest starring possiblities are endless.

And finally, this TV Addict’s thoughts on UGLY BETTY wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Marc, BETTY’s MVG [Most Valuable Gay]. Whether he’s sucking up to Wilhemena, mocking Betty or plotting with Amanda, Michael Uri can do know wrong.

Surely, I’m not the only one in love with this season’s BETTY? Post away with your thoughts. And if you have yet to listen, check out the official UGLY BETTY podcast starring Becki Newton [Amanda] and Michael Uri [Marc]. It’s hands down the funniest podcast out there.

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  • Thanks for letting me know about the Ugly Betty podcast. I had never listened before today. I love me some Marc and Amanda!! That was great sutff, but now I have the ‘blink blink’ song stuck in my head.

  • is ABC becoming the most quotable network?

    Last nights Ugly Betty was CHOCKED full of quotes that I really should have been doing my homework and writing them down.

    I actually buy Justins transformation though because if I had one complaint, its that he had NO reaction after Santos’ death and after last week, seems like NOT knowing his dad is taking an affect on him which kinda makes sense to me.

  • The Ugly Betty podcast is a must listen. Michael Urie & Becki Newton are wonderful. The “blink blinks” never fail to make me smile. They’ve done them in a few different styles too.

  • Josh

    I agree that I buy Justin’s storyline. He’s still a young kid, and it seems like now he’s going through a phase where he wants to be different and more like his dad. It makes sense to me. I don’t think it’ll be too long before he’s back to normal.

    The show is great this season. I loved when Amanda was looking at “Ugly Willy” and she was standing right behind her. Actually, I love anything with Amanda and Wilhemina.

  • shanna

    I also buy Justin’s transformation because he doesn’t know his dad but he knows the stereotype of his dad and I think it’s interesting that he’s trying to live up to that rather than finding out what his dad was really like.

  • Yeah, I feel like Justin’s change is a little forced too.

    I’m just interested to see what Wilhelmina is going to do with “Slater” 🙂

    And am I the only one who kind of wishes that Bradford WAS Amanda’s father? We could have enjoyed lots of Mead family awkwardness.

  • I’m so done with this website, you trash the office every chance you get, i think the office is like monty p either you get it and you love it or you dont, so you dont whatever, but come on! if you have nothing nice to say DONT SAY ANYTHING! you insult the true fans the fans that watched the bbc original prayed nbc wouldn’t cock it up and-have been left with one of that last shows on television that actually have talent along with 30 rock. and please ugly bette what a unoriginal soap opera mediocre hour of television. stop trashing the office!

  • mike

    Ugly betty is one of the most unfunny cliche, so called comedy shows on TV today….but I guess that all depends on a persons’ taste. But dishing the office after dishing other shows like Heroes and praising unoriginal and again cliche shows like “Life is Wild” and “The Terminator” (which is terrible…I’ve seen the first 2 episodes) because he was invited to the set of terminator…..I just think the TVaddict’s taste is slipping or influenced by other factors.

  • xbxtv

    “swinging Studio 60 days”? You really do watch too much TV.
    Try minus 6 😉