What Shows Are on Your Chopping Block?

It’s been three weeks, and I can’t keep living this lie.

It’s time to stop avoiding the issue.

I’m never going to watch CANE.

Sure the easy way out is to continue the facade. Keep on telling myself that this week will be different. But deep down inside I know it won’t.

There are only so many hours in the day that one can sit glued in front of a television [Even if that television happens to be a gorgeous 42″ Sharp Aquos High Definition one]. And the unfortunate reality is that CANE — or as I like to call it — DALLAS on a sugar plantation — simply isn’t cutting it.

It’s nothing personal Jimmy Smitts. After-all you were fantastic on THE WEST WING. But the big five networks have left me no choice. By premiering 40 new shows over the span of a mere few weeks, some shows were bound to get lost in the shuffle.

And If I want to recapture any semblance of a normal life — you know, one that involves actual conversations with people outside of the glowing box in my living room. Bailing on CANE is the first step.

Which brings us to step two and the much larger issue. What show’s up next on theTVaddict.com chopping block?

Think of it as your very own reality TV show.


Sandwiched between the brilliance of PUSHING DAISIES and the boredom that is BIG SHOTS are a whole crop of shows that aren’t exactly ‘Must See TV’ but certainly not ‘Must Flee TV’.

Which I believe is part of the problem.

Television networks have stopped taking chances. Rather than give us more shows like PUSHING DAISIES, they’ve decided to develop the most inoffensive, generic and ordinary television shows in the history of the medium. All in an effort to ensure they offend the least amount of potential viewers and attract the largest audience possible.

LIFE and WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB are yet again two more cop shows with a twist. CHUCK is ALIAS meets THE OC. PRIVATE PRACTICE, a spin-off of an already popular show GREY’S ANATOMY. And the season’s worst offender — BIONIC WOMAN, a re-imagination of a 70s classic.

Nothing says originality like a re-imagination.

If networks really wish to ensure viewers don’t tune out their new crop of shows, perhaps they should take a page from the cable channel playbook.

For years HBO, SHOWTIME and FX have been taking chances, providing viewers with original and exciting programming options not available on the big five networks. Sure shows like DAMAGES, BIG LOVE, THE RICHES and CALIFORNICATION may not attract as many viewers as say a DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES or GREY’S ANATOMY. But what they lack in audience share, they more than make up for in critical acclaim and excitement.

Said the Houston Chronicle recently about FX’s latest offering DAMAGES. “… FX has landed the next in a continuous line of can’t-miss shows. Based on the first two episodes, DAMAGES may be the best of a ballyhooed bunch that includes The Shield, Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me and The Riches. …”

Which brings us back to the issue at hand. What show should join CANE on theTVaddict.com chopping block? Is it time to get a life and give up on LIFE? Send REAPER to meet its maker? Close down the PRIVATE PRACTICE?

It’s Sophie’s choice for TV Addicts.

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  • Stef

    Get rid of Private Practice. For weeks now, I Tivoed it reguarly, and last night I just deleted them. I’m never going to watch it. There are just too many other fantastic shows like Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, Reaper and then my returning favorites. I also started out being a big fan of Chuck, but it’s time to get rid of that as well. It’s already old and kinda boring.

  • Buddy Bill

    I started out ready to watch a bunch of new shows. One by one they have fallen by the wayside…Gossip Girl, Reaper, Kid Nation, Back to You, Life…I realized I am officially too old to be watching The OC, I mean Gossip Girl. Reaper sucks.

    The only new shows that I watch are Pushing Daisies, Chuck (love it), Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Bionic Woman, and Aliens in America. I plan on watching Samantha Who this weekend.

  • Buddy Bill

    By the way, the good thing about Chuck and the Bionic Woman….Neither is the world’s best show but they are entertaining.

    Chuck is usually repeated on Sat nights on NBC and Bionic is repeated on Sci Fi network on the weekend too. So, they don’t clog up my Tivo during the week (I don’t have to constantly look at them and know they are not being watched) and by the time Fri/Sat comes around and they are Tivo’ed, I am actually ready to watch them!

  • Tim

    I gave up on Bionic Woman. It didn’t live up to my expectations and the actress playing Jamie is TERRIBLE. I stopped watching Gossip Girl after 1 ep.

  • Josh

    Of the new shows that I sampled this season, these have been dropped: Gossip Girl, Journeyman, The Big Bang Theory, and Cavemen. I only checked out the pilots of the last three and was not impressed. I gave GG a few weeks, but it came to the point where I DVRed the show and never wanted to watch them. Aliens in America is on the bubble.

    I should also point out that one returning show was on the chopping block this season: Prison Break. I DVRed the first couple episodes, but when I realized it felt like a chore to even watch them, see ya. I got rid of them and I honestly don’t even miss the show.

  • I started this season trying to watch every new show at least once, and the end result is that I feel like I’ve wasted hours of my life. It’s like you say — they aren’t BAD, just dull. I think the only new show I’ll keep watching is Chuck, just because I find the characters very likable. Well, that and Gossip Girl, but that last one is only because I clearly have no shame. I don’t think it’s actually any good. Although I enjoy Pushing Daisies, I don’t feel the love that everyone else on the Internet seems to feel.

    I suspect I won’t be watching any of these shows this time next year. At this point, I’m hoping the mid-season replacements perk up the schedule a bit, though they’re not looking especially original, either.

  • Matt P

    For sure cutting Pushing Daisies I think, watched two episodes of it and just not that into it, so don’t really get all the gushing about the show. Already cut dirty sexy money, Life is a better show. Private Practice is on probation it has a little bit more time to prove itself since I like Kate Walsh/Addision so much. I actually just picked up moonlight, watched the pilot last night and it was actually pretty decent.

  • Buddy Bill

    Sidenote…..anyone else glad the 1 hour versions of the Office are done? Ughh last nights episode was terrible.

    Just goes to show you, Michael Scott is right in making fun of Toby. For those of you who don’t know, Toby wrote and directed last night’s episode.

  • I gave up Prison Break & K-Ville already. And I never did watch the last 4 eps of Grey’s from last season so never started watching this one. Gave up Gossip Girl after less than an ep when I, like Buddy Bill, realized I’m just too old to watch and enjoy it. (If it were as entertaining and cute as The OC was, maybe. 😉 ) I planned on watching Aliens in America, but my schedule was so full I never started. I’ve heard from almost everyone that it didn’t live up to the hype anyway, so I decided I’m not really missing anything.

    Can’t think of anything else though. heh

  • Stef

    I agree about The Office…I know that’s not what we’re talking about…but you could tell someone else was directing. It was just a weird episode.

  • I’m dropping Bionic Woman, Reaper, Pushing Daisies, and Life. They just couldn’t hold my interest.

    The only new shows I’m staying with for now are Moonlight, Chuck, and Journeyman.

  • I cut Private Practice (calling it Addison McBeal is right on the money) and I think I may not bother with Bionic Woman based on everything I’ve heard. As it is, I’m never going to catch up on my TiVo queue with so many TV shows on right now. Ones I want to watch, that is.

  • Shannon

    I’ve been watching quite a few new shows, but I’ve given up on K-ville, Bionic Woman, Cane and Reaper… Gossip Girl is on the fence as is Moonlight, Journeyman and Private Practice.

    I’m keeping LIFE…I may be the only one, but I like my Zen Cop/anti-House. Aliens In America, is hilarious and I frakkin love CHUCK and PUSHING DAISIES!!!

  • h

    Chuck, Reaper, Dirty Sexy Money are all on my watch but don’t obsess if you miss it list. The show most likely to get axed from list is Heroes which has been SOOOOOOO disappointing this season. I didn’t watch it this week, but I missed talking about it with my LOST friends, so I’ll probably stick in these first 11 weeks. My week’s are opening up now that Mad Men is over and after the Damages finale this week. The only thing I HAVE to watch right now is Earl, 30 Rock and The Office and FNL. And yes, I am counting the days until LOST. 111 I believe.

  • SR

    Bionic Woman, K-Ville, Chuck have all been chucked. Just don’t have the time and the few eps that i watched were not that good. Still have Life and a couple Canes to watch before i decide on those. My must watches are 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights (love it), The Office, Journeyman (the ex-fiance is HOT) and 1 more week of Damages (simply brilliant). I’m also a fan of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike, and have 5 eps waiting for me, though who knows where I’m going to get 5 hours to watch them…

  • Todd

    I am keeping VIVA LAUGHLIN, definitely! Credit to CBS for trying something different…I expected a freak show after all the negative reviews that blossomed, but was oleasantly surprised. I’m rooting for it.

    See ya’s to K-Ville, the hideous Cane, Cavemen, and Carpoolers, and Moonlight. I have a gut feeling middle America will tire quickly of Pushing Daisies and possibly Samantha Who. I mean, how else does one account for the success of According to Jim??

  • ewanspotter

    BAIL ON:

    Bionic Woman: Love Katee, but Michelle Ryan is a bore. The show tried to make her into a super hero too fast, without the right mix of emotional stuff.

    Moonlight: Zzzzzzzz.

    Journeyman: Interesting concept (a mix between Quantum Leap and Early Edition) but… meh. Not really dynamic enough to keep me watching.

  • sideofzen

    I got rid of Private Practice and Gossip Girl. I love Chuck, and am tolerating Bionic Woman because it’s entertaining. I haven’t seen this week’s Pushing Daisies, but I’ll probably keep it. It’ll probably be one of those shows that piles up on my Tivo and I watch in a marathon session. I recognize it as good television, but it just doesn’t interest me like Chuck or Bionic Woman do. And at the end of the day, all I really want is to be entertained, good writing be damned.

  • CC

    I’ve pretty much given up on Prison Break, Supernatural, Bionic Woman, and Reaper.
    Private Practice is on my dvr and watch a lot later when bored list.
    There are just shows that are not worth it, that you don’t care enough about to devote your time.
    Especially Reaper. Cute for a cw show, but… not really that interesting beyond the pilot.
    I’ll keep faithfully watching Chuck, Gossip Girl, and Pushing Daises though. I actually look forward to those.
    Heroes is really pissing me off this season… get interesting already.
    I’m happy with Greys and Ugly Betty right now. And excited for Lost to come back soon.


  • Mandy

    Love: Chuck and Pushing Daisies

    Like: Private Practice (I’m going to give Shonda some time to wow me), Bionic Woman (same with David Eick) and Samantha Who? (I think this will turn into a love pretty quickly)

    Drop: Journeyman (the concept got too old too fast)

  • Charlie

    Top three shows have to be PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY and LIFE. All good entertainment.

    On the cusp of being dropped from my pvr are REAPER (love the characters but the story is the exact same thing every week), BIG SHOTS (a little too mindless).

    Already deleted? BIONIC WOMAN, CHUCK and MOONLIGHT.

    Wouldn’t it be great if:
    Michael transfered out the Scranton so we could enjoy more Jim and Dwight?
    Nathan Fillion was still staring in Firefly or Drive or anything but DH?
    Heroes was still must see TV?
    Adam Baldwin was still staring in Firefly or anything but Chuck?
    George and Jerry were still drinking coffee at Monks?

  • macjacmom

    Carpoolers is hilarious!!! Give it a look. Last week’s “who would you do” was great.

    30 Rock is definitely upping the ante with Will Arnett – and how about “Me Want Food”

    Even SNL is starting out strong. What is with that?

    The jury is still out on most other shows – even Pushing Daisies.

  • Sheindie

    I’m keeping Chuck, Life and Reaper as well as Journeyman .. getting rid of all the rest (with the exception of Pushing Daisies) .. sticking with Heroes, Grey’s and Smallville (yea, I know 🙂 )

  • KaeDee

    I tried to watch most of the new pilots (except the sitcoms), as most people, except Private Practive. Never watched Grey’s, don’t want to.
    The ones I dropped are:
    Bionic Woman
    Gossip Girl
    Alien in America

    I’ll watch if I’m home:
    Life Is Wild (At least a couple more eps)
    Pushing Daisies

    Must See:

  • Dale

    With “Damages” nearly finished, out of all the new shows, the only one I’m still watching is “Pushing Daisies,” and although I enjoy it, I’m not sure how long I can handle all the cuteness. It is well made though, I’ll stick with it for the time being because it has a lot of potential.

    There are too many decent returning shows. “Dexter” and “Weeds” on Showtime, “Tell me you love me” is really good and interesting. “30 Rock” and “The Office,” although I haven’t been enjoying those as much this season, last weeks “30 Rock” was great and am looking forward to “The Office” going back to 20 minutes.

    And of course Fox’s animation night, although “The Simpsons” is far from the fantastic show it once was.

    Also looking forward to “Scrubs” coming back and am still watching “Curb” more because of my respect for Larry David than actually enjoying the show, it’s becoming quite tedious, but overall is still entertaining.

  • Brandy aka Skye2477

    Beyond the obvious keeper in Supernatural, it’s easier for me to say what to keep of the new shows:
    Reaper… I really am enjoying it, never thought I would but it’s fun and Ray Wise alone is reason to keep watching, on version of the devil creepier than his was the guy in Constantine. I can see the Buffy comparisons but with it’s own unique verse. Like Buffy, it needs time to really settle into itself. Plus after last week with Ben and Winston… how can you not give it a chance?

    Chuck… Total fluff, but fun and very much reminds me of Scarecrow and Mrs King, which i LOVED as a kid… Plus, anything Adam Baldwin is in deserves a chance.

  • Very Safe:
    * Chuck
    * Journeyman
    * Kid Nation
    * Moonlight

    On the Bubble:
    * Private Practice
    * Bionic Woman
    * Women’s Murder Club (not bad at all; just not quite my style)

    On/Near the Chopping Block:
    * Pushing Daisies (I *might* be able to endure one or two more episodes)
    * Damages (only one episode left, so I’ll watch that; but I won’t bother with a 2nd season, if there is one)

    As far as Sophomore Slump, Ugly Betty may qualify, but I’m not giving up on it yet; Heroes was coming close but is redeeming itself now; and I think Brothers & Sisters and especially Men In Trees are both staying strong. As for veteran shows, I’m tempted to drop Grey’s Anatomy if they don’t resolve the incomprehensible Izzie-George-Callie love triangle. I might drop Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice as a set.

  • LIFE IS WILD is the only new scripted show that got cut before even watching it, as I forgot to set the DVR. VIVA LAUGHLIN is on the DVR and will most likely get cut soon after watching it. K-VILLE, GOSSIP GIRL and MOONLIGHT are on the chopping block. BIG SHOTS, CAVEMEN, CARPOOLERS and CANE got one episode each and REAPER got three before being cut. As for returning shows that I watched last season, BOSTON LEGAL has been cut this season.

  • BearDogg-X

    Out of the new shows I’ve watched:

    Safe: Gossip Girl, Big Shots(Christopher Titus is underused), Bionic Woman, Reaper
    Done: Cane

    Can’t wait for Sarah Conner Chronicles.

    All the returning shows I watch(Heroes, Smallville, My Name Is Earl, South Park), are still safe with me.

  • aizjanika

    Supernatural is on my personal chopping block, though I plan to give it a few more episodes to see if it can recapture the old magic. This season has been oddly off somehow. Too much of the stories are revolving around other characters–and they are driving the stories instead of Sam and Dean. Episodes have an odd feel to them–instead of being caught up in the action when I watch, I feel removed from it. The episodes even look different.

    Sam and Dean are barely together and when they are, their chemistry is just not there. I don’t know how that could even happen, but it has. I also really can’t stand what they’re doing with Dean this season. He was my favorite character and now I can barely stand him. I have other problems with the show, too, but these are the main ones right now.

    Boston Legal has already been chopped. I’ve been recording it, but haven’t yet watched a single episode this season and a few of the recorded ones have already been deleted off the Tivo. I got sick of the revolving characters on this show at the beginning of last season, and it never regained its momentum. This season I can’t even pretend to watch.

    Stargate Atlantis is on my chopping block as well. It would already be gone if this season wasn’t suffering from a lack of shows that I actually like.

    I watched the first episode of Journeyman, but haven’t managed to catch another since.

    I wanted to watch Cane for Jimmy Smits even though the show itself didn’t sound that interesting, but it must conflict with other shows, because the Tivo has never recorded any episodes even though I have a season pass.

    I watched season 1 of Heroes over the summer and didn’t like it, but my kids did, so I’ve been watching this season as well and actually like it somewhat better, which is not to say that I don’t still find some aspects of it annoying. We’ll see. At least Peter cut off that awful hair.

    I’ve been watching Torchwood and my Starsky & Hutch DVDs.