The TV Addict Makes the LA Times

marc amanda ugly betty interview

This TV Addict’s day just got a whole lot better.

Now I know what you’re thinking. How on earth can a day curled up in bed watching classic episodes of BEVERLY HILLS 90210 thanks to TVTropolis get any better? How about a mention in the LA TIMES!

Allow me to set the scene. After watching Kelly Taylor almost get sucked into a cult eerily similar to the completely legitimate and by no means creepy religion known as Scientology. This TV Addict thought he’d take a few moments to catch up with one of his favorite web sites, The LA TIMES.

Not surprisingly, a feature article on two of the TV Addict’s favorites — UGLY BETTY’S Marc and Amanda caught my attention. So imagine my shock and surprise, when a recent quote from was mentioned in the article.

“ recently called Marc and Amanda the new Jack and Karen (“Will & Grace”) for the same reason the show’s writers have embraced creating more scenes for the improvisation-inspired actors. They scheme, they lodge zingers and, oh, do they love to gossip.”

Who knew LA Times writer Maria Elena Fernandez had such good taste in television sites? But seriously, its always nice to know people are reading the site. And we sincerely thank Mrs. Fernandez for the shout out.

And just in case BETTY’S Becki Newton and Michael Urie find there way to This TV Addict would like to humbly [very humbly] suggest that he’d make the ideal surprise guest on the UGLY BETTY Podcast.

Photo Credit: Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times

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