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aliens in america

Welcome to THE TV ADDICT’S WEEK IN REWIND A look back at last week’s good/bad/ugly in the world of television. Oh, and speaking of good. Did you hear? was in the LA TIMES?

Monday’s ALIENS IN AMERICA taught this TV Addict a lot. Namely, that Justin is brilliant. Creating a fake Rocket Club as an excuse to escape his overprotective mom [Franny thought the Canadian Flag was a giant red pot leaf!] and chill in a friend’s basement, eat cupcakes and watch movies — why didn’t I think of that in high school?

More math for you — one really funny plot [local police think Raja’s a terrorist because he’s buying rocket supplies at the local hardware store] plus some terrific one liners [Cheerleader philosophy: “What you’re actually saying is that in this country, there’s absolutely nothing a boy can do that a girl won’t cheer for.”] equals one explosive ending, and the funniest half hour of comedy this week.

Sure the words ‘serial killer’ and ‘funny’ don’t exactly go hand in hand, but we have a feeling anyone who’s ever bought a car couldn’t help but laugh when Dexter’s latest victim just so happened to be a car salesman. Memo to Dexter: Having recently gone through the ordeal of purchasing my first car, if you’re ever in the Toronto area, I’ve got a few car salesman who are most definitely worthy of your special brand of justice.

Dumbledore was gay! Oh wait, this is Mamma Taylor slapped Julie! Landry and Tyra did it! Riggins attended Church! Coach Taylor’s coming back to Dillon! Two questions for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHT fanatics. One, can FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS get any better? And two, how long until next week’s episode?

From the incredibly tedious Maya/Alejandro story-line [if I wanted to constantly read my television, I’d pick up a book] to the painfully juvenile Hiro stuck in feudal Japan ‘adventure’, this TV Addict can’t help but hope that tomorrow’s first appearance by Kristen Bell is the much needed super-power that HEROES needs to get back on track.

The return of HOUSE and the finale of DAMAGES has this TV Addict counting down the minutes until Tuesday night.

Got a favorite moment from the week in television or a category you’d like to see in next week’s TV ADDICT REWIND? Post away in the comments below.

  • Realyn

    Aliens in America was pretty great yeah.

    But the best episode last week was 100% greys anatomy for me. I absolutly begin to like the new “big plot” around cally

  • Josh

    It wasn’t the best episode of the week for me, but I agree that Grey’s was great. As long as they continue to tear “Gizzie” apart, this show can get back to Season 2-greatness.

    I think my favorite episode last week was Pushing Daisies. I finally caught last Monday’s Chuck last night and that was really great too.

  • Hey Realyn,

    Truth be told, this week was seriously tough. GREY’S was fantastic as well. But I figured GREY’s gets enough attention. Why not shine a little light on the CW underdog!


    Sadly, I can’t seem to get into CHUCK. But I’ve got last week’s stored on my PVR. Perhaps I’ll give it another chance.a

  • Realyn

    Well, if we talk about underdogs:

    Go and watch Life ! There is not 1 blog Entry for it. I have yet to see the latest Episode(I`m from germany, so .. well .. dow..n… u know what ;)), but the first 2 were great.

    It must be really … “funny” to get out of jail, after 10 years from 1997 on. U know, Ipod here, IM there and all that stuff.

  • Sheindie

    I LOVE Life.. he’s quirky and interesting and the entire show holds my attention. Grey’s is BACK as is Desp. Housewives.. just got into Fri.Nite Lites..LOVE it, too.. and there’s Chuck and Dexter and..Aliens in America..what a funny, laugh out loud, and wonderful show. I am so happy with television (and my DVR!) these days ..I hope Journeyman catches on.. I truly enjoy it and I’m afraid that it’ll be cancelled together with Life.

  • Matt

    Anyone else think house has only been so-so this year!

    Life is great Damien Lewis is awesome luved him as dick winters in Band of Brothers

  • I wasn’t going to bother with Aliens in America, especially since it’s on Mondays at 8:30, and my TiVo is already doing double duty then picking up Prison Break and Chuck.

    However, my TiVo also picked up for me the Sunday night rerun of Aliens in America’s pilot episode. And, I’ll have to admit, it’s pretty good. It has sharp writing, interesting characters, and good performances. There was at least one laugh-out-loud moment and several make-you-grin kind of moments.

    With my Mondays already filled up, I still won’t bother with a season pass for it, but I did give it two thumbs up so that TiVo will continue to pick up any weekend reruns.

    As for best episodes of the past week, I’d say they belong to Chuck, Heroes, Beauty and the Geek, Kid Nation, and Men In Trees.

  • Matt, I’ve absolutely loved HOUSE this year. The new interns have completely re-invogorated an interesting albeit very formulaic show.

  • Nadine

    I personally think “Aliens in America” gets worse every episode. I really liked the pilot and thought it was pretty original. But now it’s nothing more than every other family sitcom I’ve ever seen (except for the missing laugh track). Last week’s episode was too over the top for me, I didn’t laugh once and was pretty bored. Don’t know if I’ll keep watching.

    I agree on FNL though. Still love that show more than any other right now. But from the new shows I prefer “Chuck”, “Pushing Daisies” and “Gossip Girl”. Also, last week’s ep of “Private Practice” was finally good…

  • Rod

    If the story being told is good, I don’t see the problem in reading subtitles. That’s not the case with Heroes, though.

  • Rod….. While this will seem completely cynical of me. My big issue with the Maya storyline is that I feel it’s simply a way for HEROES to further develop itself as a “worldwide phenomenom” (according to NBC’s marketing dept.)

    The cynical side of me thinks that the powers that be clearly saw how well the character of Hiro was received in Asia and though…. “hmmm if we’re going to sell this to Latin America, why not include another story with subtitles!”

  • I usually love foreign languaged movies and stuff, and I found it great that Lost and Heroes started using it, but I feel the same… I was basically watcing that Maya storyline going.. gawd… i need to read again?

    as for Aliens in America, it had SUCH a great episode. I still liked Pushing Daisies ep this week better but AiA was up there with Ugly Betty and 30 Rock (and even Gossip Girl had a good ep sans Nate and Chuck).

  • Mark

    Congratulations TVaddict, you have officially become the funniest person alive by putting Aliens in America as the best episode of the week. Oh the laughter.

    Wait. You were serious? 😉

    I do commend you on nailing the “lamest storyline” category yet again, and having a category called: “SHOWS WE’RE PSYCHED FOR THIS WEEK THAT DON’T STAR KRISTEN BELL.” Love it.