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Finally, BROTHERS & SISTERS was back on track with last night’s fantabulous episode. I’m intrigued by Saul’s ambiguous sexuality, and loved every second of the Walker women’s spa trip. Between being unable to shut up in the resort’s relaxation room and crashing the wedding, this was classic B&S. Best line of the night? Determined-to-get-laid Sarah’s frustrated declaration, “We’re being lock-blocked!” upon finding her hotel room door wouldn’t cooperate. I still think the show’s making a mistake in getting rid of John Pyper-Ferguson’s Joe rather than exploring not only the dynamics of this troubled marriage but Rebecca’s true role in what happened, but I know I’m pretty much alone in that. And I’d really like to see Patricia Wettig’s delightfully prickly Holly put to better use. But when an episode is as satisfying as last night’s, these are pretty minor quibbles.

This has been a killer season for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, but they may have hit a bit of a bumpy patch last night. I’m a huge fan of Tuc Watkins, the brunette half of the neighborhood’s first gay couple. So I was sorry to see that the relatively bland Kevin Rham got the lion’s share of the spotlight during the pair’s first episode. Susan was particularly annoying, but that didn’t make it any easier to swallow how snarky and downright nasty Rham’s Lee was to her. Elsewhere, however, the show continued to sparkle. The crab cake sequence was a well-directed treat, and Lynette’s realization that she’d transformed into “cancer bitch” was one of the moments this show does so well, perfectly combining heartbreak and humor.

I had every intention of catching VIVA LAUGHLIN, but since football ran over and threw the whole night’s schedule off, my DVR cut off at least 10 or 15 minutes. I’ll be interested to see how this show does ratings wise, because from the bits and pieces I’ve caught, it’s an interesting — if flawed — concept.

Don’t forget to tune in for SAMANTHA WHO? tonight… if the second episode is even half as entertaining as the pilot, you’ll be in for a treat. Christina Applegate is radiant and the writing sparkles. It’s hard to imagine anyone who catches an episode not remembering to make this memory-addled beauty a keeper.

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  • Josh

    I don’t think Brothers & Sisters was ever off track. But last night’s was a great episode. The only thing I’m not a big fan of is Tommy cheating on his wife.

    I’ll be recording Samantha Who.

  • Nathan

    Viva Laughlin was an interesting and well executed concept when it was British and known as Blackpool. This version? An abomination. Flawed doesn’t even begin to describe how bad it is. I’m embarrassed for all the actors involved and can only hope it’s canned quickly before reputations are irrevocably tarnished (and so Kevin can get his Reverend Boyfriend back)

  • Linda B.

    I was going to keep recording several episodes of Viva Laughlin and wait and see if it catches on or gets cancelled before spending time to watch it(am doing the same thing w/ Big Shots). Great, now I don’t fully have episode 2.

  • BHcolin

    loved B&S last night– so funny. And I feel so much for Justin (he’s my favorite Walker).

    oh– and football ran over last night? I live in Minnesota and CBS was actually on time for once– I tape Cold Case/Shark and i started it at 8pm

    Viva is dead- so hottie Rev. can come back to Cali.. I like those two together better than Scotty. maybe they can keep Scotty around as just Kevin’s friend

    On DH– love Andrew, he’s so much fun. The crab scene was great with Edie. I would’ve wanted to slap Susan. Really anything with Susan brings the show down (IMO)

    and can’t wait for Samatha Who? tonight, I really enjoyed last weeks show

  • Kristen

    Am I the only one who thinks Samantha Who? is completely overrated?