Great News for KEVIN WALKER: VIVA LAUGHLIN Cancelled

Kevin Walker, today is your lucky day. Okay, perhaps not-so-lucky but more on that later.

As predicted months ago by and confirmed today by Variety, CBS has lowered the curtain on its musical/comedy/drama hybrid VIVA LAUGHLIN. Which means your boyfriend Jason McCallister [actor Eric Winter] may be coming home a wee bit early from his predicted eight month ‘mission’ in Malaysian. Great news right?

Well here’s the bad news. It looks as though you’re going to have to make one pretty big decision in the near future. Is it going to be cater waiter Scotty, or Reverend McCallister? Perhaps the readers of can help you decide. [hmmmm… what name forms a better Brangelina-esque moniker?]

Quick sidenote, more good news assuming you’re fans of THE AMAZING RACE. The Race begins in LAUGHLIN’s old timeslot. See you at the starting line, November 4 at 8PM on CBS.

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  • Scotty is great, but I really see him and Kevin as friends. There’s no real spark between them like there is with Reverend Boyfriend.

  • I don’t even watch the show and I know that the best Brangelina-esque name is Revin. Duh! 😉 As in Reverend + Kevin. 😀

  • Nathan

    It’s not even a choice. Jason all the way. Scotty’s only in about 5 more episodes and then he can gracefully step aside for the Reverend’s triumphant return! He’s Kevin’s lobster!

  • Jenny,

    That’s excellent thinking outside the box! I never would have thought to combine Revernd + Kevin. The best I could think of was ‘Kevos’ or ‘Wallister’ — Revin just works.


    Nice FRIENDS reference. Such a great show. How quickly our favs are forgotten.

  • um. both? hehe…

    I think there are more sparks with Kevin but yeah, Scotty is better as a friend but I hope he stays as a friend. Why don’t characters just have friends anymore?

  • Nadine

    I absolutely agree. I also think it would be great to keep Scotty as a friend for Kevin. Also, I’m extremely excited about the cancellation of “Viva Laughlin” (sorry…) because I really hope the Rev will be back as soon as possible 🙂