Sylar Does Good: Responsible for Kristen Bell Joining HEROES!

kristen bell heroes elle

One of the more interesting things HEROES star Zachary Quinto revealed to the TV Addict during our recent interview was the fact that you can thank him for the hiring of Kristen Bell. Says Quinto, only half-jokingly, “I take full responsibility for her inclusion in the show.”

“Kristen and I have been friends for years. We actually decided to take the train back from July’s Comic Con. And as we were waiting in line for the train, we ran into HEROES writers Joe Pokaski, Aron Eli Coleite and Michael Green.” Elaborates the watchmaker, “Turns out they were actually writing scenes for the character that would become Kristen’s. So it was really interesting to get a text message from her a week later saying — Hey, some really great news. Call me when you get this, or I can just tell you when I see you on the set of OUR show.”

Continues executive producer Jeph Loeb. “Kristen was one of those happy surprises where we were trying to find someone to play the part who could just walk into the role immediately and get the audience excited.”

Well, Mr. Loeb consider your mission accomplished. This TV Addict could not be more excited for tonight’s fifth chapter of HEROES. Don’t miss the first appearance by Kristen Bell’s mysterious Elle tonight at 9PM on NBC [GLOBAL in Canada]

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