Breaking News: Pushing Daisies Gets a Full Season

It’s been two minutes, twenty-four seconds and fifty three milliseconds since this TV Addict was kindly notified by his friends at that ABC’s PUSHING DAISIES has been officially picked up for a full season.

While DAISIES narrator Jim Dale couldn’t be reached for comment, we have a feeling his statement would have gone something like this, “I look forward to narrating PUSHING DAISIES for the remaining nineteen episodes, eight hundred and thirty six minutes and forty-one seconds of the season.”

But seriously folks. Congratulations goes out to ABC and the entire PUSHING DAISIES team. While we at have a few issues with the series [ie. the endless narration], it’s nice to see a network think outside of the standard generic hour long cop/lawyer/doctor procedural. Here’s hoping Ned and Chuck have enough Plastic wrap to last a lifetime.

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  • CC

    YES!!!!! Happy news =) So how many eps do we get 22?

  • Courtney

    YAY!! This is great news! I agree with you TVaddict – there are a couple of things that bug me about the show, but it’s great to have something “different” to watch.

  • Josh

    WOOOOOOOOO!!! Who has no issues with the show and is just ecstatic to get a full season? *points to self* This guy.

  • Hilary

    Woo-hoo! That’s the best news I’ve had for a while. At least a full season to tell their story. How rare these days.