HEROES: A Disappointment of Super Proportions

After last night’s fifth chapter of HEROES, two things are clear. One, this TV Addict misses VERONICA MARS more than ever. And two, the writers of HEROES have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Sound harsh? Let me rephrase. The writers clearly have a plan, it’s simply not a very good one.

Think back to last night’s episode. What exactly happened? I think you’ll find at the end of my rant, the answer is nothing.

Through perhaps the least interesting story device in the history of television [Ando staring at parchment], we learned that Hiro is still stuck in Feudal Japan and about to face his final task. Defeating a character that nobody cares about — White Beard, with the help of two characters we’ve learned to loathe — Kensei and Yaeko.

Peter, still suffering from amnesia makes the idiotic decision to avoid his past [ie. the box] only to change his mind by the end of the episode [big surprise!].

Elle appeared in search of Peter and didn’t do much except to kill Ricky [another thug who I’m not sure if we’re supposed to like or not]. All of which happened off screen due to budgetary constrains the fact that we’re no doubt still supposed to be shocked [pun intended] by Elle’s new power.

Suresh made the moronic decision to leave Molly with The Company. While Parkman and Nathan went off to find Parkman’s Dad.

Monica finally realized with the help of Micah that she can mimic pretty much anything she sees. Which leads us to the obvious question. Once Monica saves her family from the aftermath of Katrina, perhaps she’d consider moving to Hollywood, re-watch the first season of HEROES and start churning out new episodes.

Season 2 of HEROES has devolved into season 2 of LOST. All hype, too many new faces and no answers. It’s not even a lack of answers that has this TV Addict angry. It’s a complete lack of solid story-telling and excitement. It’s as if the writer’s completely forgot what made last season of HEROES so much fun.

If last night’s chapter illustrated anything, it’s that the writers are spinning their wheels until November sweeps. When fans will finally get the long awaited flashback episode where we learn exactly what happened to our HEROES in the aftermath of May’s lackluster season finale.

Which once again begs the obvious question — Why didn’t we start the season with that episode? The episode we waited all summer to see. Call me crazy, but I don’t see the advantage to frustrating fans for seven episodes, with the hopes that everything will make sense after episode eight. One great episode does not make up for seven bad ones.

Put it this way, you know the show is struggling when the most exciting moment in the show is a surprise appearance by almost forgotten Nikki/Jessica. Who was then quickly thrown back into a hospital bed. Proving yet again, the writer’s have no idea what they’re doing with the character. Or the show for that matter.

Agree/Disagree. Post away.

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  • Buddy Bill

    Totally agree! I was on my computer the whole episode and had it on in the background. That is how bored I was with this episode. It seems everything had gone downhill since last year’s finale. LOST can’t come back fast enough!!!

  • HeroesFan

    Are you guys watching a different version of Heroes than I am? I am more convinced than ever that TV viewers are insane. How can you say that nothing happened? If Peter was sitting on a bar stool drinking a beer, that would qualify as nothing happening. Elle burning Caitlin’s brother to a crisp is indeed something happening. Parkman’s Dad terrifiying Matt and Nathan is something happening. Micah finding out that his cousin is a super is something happening. If you want every episode to be some version of a big budget movie, go watch something else. The writers are telling a story. They have 24 episodes to fill. Do you really expect them to make each one feel like a season finale? If you are bored by Heroes or simply don’t get what they are trying to do, go watch something else.

  • Crazy4Supernatural

    Agree. I gave up on it already. Changed the channel to Samatha Who?

  • HeroesFan,

    Obviously when I say ‘nothing happened’ — it’s a little bit of an exaggeration for dramatic effect. But to defend HEROES like you are is ridiculous [unless your mind is being controlled by some sort of supervillain — or Tim Kring].

    Do I expect every episode to be amazing? No, television is hard work. Do I really care about big budget special effects — not in the least.

    What I do care about is being entertained, surprised and most importantly, to care about the characters.

    The reality is that this season pales in comparison to last. And I think you’ll find I’m not the only TV viewer who believes this.

  • Josh

    the TV addict bashing Heroes? How surprising!

    I agree with HeroesFan. Honestly, I just don’t get it. The only complaint I have about last night is that Kristen wasn’t in more scenes, but obviously she’s not the star of the show like on VM. Otherwise, I certainly remember and enjoyed what happened. Heroes is still one of the select shows that keeps my attention for the entire hour. It’s one where I think “Wait, it’s over already?”

    I know that like all TV blogs, part of what you’re doing is being a critic. But c’mon, how much more can you put down Heroes? If you hate this season so much, why do you keep watching?

  • I keep watching… waiting for that moment… where as a TV fan you pause, a chill goes down your spine… and you’re like WOW… I did NOT see that coming! These people are frakkin’ BRILLIANT.

    You know… moments from last season…

    Where Clare was on the table, totally opened up!
    Where you learn that HRG was a bad guy!
    When Nathan flew and saved Peter for the first time!

    When Syd was kidnapped in the finale of ALIAS only to finally meet her mom! Sorry, wrong show.

    But you get the idea.

  • Josh

    “But to defend HEROES like you are is ridiculous…………….The reality is that this season pales in comparison to last. And I think you’ll find I’m not the only TV viewer who believes this.”

    I think you’ll also find that we aren’t the only viewers who completely disagree with you. I know that everyone I’ve talked to outside of this blog is enjoying this season. I generally enjoy reading theTVaddict.com, but to act like you are superior to the rest of us and are always right is just absurd. You have your own thoughts on Heroes, and we have ours. Don’t act as if we’re insane for disagreeing with you just because we don’t have our own blog.

  • Heroes is fun and all, but it is painfully slow. The writers of Heroes like to make veiled insults against Lost saying shows shouldn’t save all their big answers til the end. Maybe they should watch more episodes of Lost to see how great real serial storytelling can be.

    I’m sorry, but Lost > Heroes. Always has been, always will be.

  • kevin

    I will agree that last night’s episode was kind of boring, but the rest of the season I think has been pretty great so far (except that I really don’t care about Peter’s story yet, although it’s about to get interesting). Also, to Tim G., I don’t think the Hero’s writers are insulting lost as the creators of the show (Tim Kring and whoever does Lost, I dont watch the show) are friends. Also, as for the story-telling, they’re just doing a very decompressed style that allows for mysteries to drag out and for more character moments. It’s very popular in comic books now (this is show is pretty much a live action comic book), and it just shows how much influence the executive producer Jeph Loeb has, as he is a well known comic book writer. As for the gap, it allows for an added mystery of people wondering what happened during it. For example (and I could be wrong on this part) but Kristen Bell’s electricity powers seem similar to the ones that Peter suddenly had at the beginning of the season and since he mimics powers from people he meets, it would seem that they have met before. Overall, I think this is still one of the best shows on TV. While it might not be as good as it was last season when it hit its stride, it’s only been like 5 episodes this season. And as I remember from last season, the first few episodes were nowhere near as good as the rest of the season (before the scene with Claire waking up on the autopsy table cut open, I was about to give up on the show). So have faith and stop complaining so much. Sorry this is so long, but I’m at work and dont really have anything else to do.

  • kevin

    Also, to add on, I’m really enjoying the Parkman storyline. Hiro’s story was interesting at first, but should have wrapped up by now. Also, TVaddict, you said that the writers dont know what they’re doing with Nikki/Jessica, but I’m pretty sure they have a specific plan for her later on in the season. I think they just gave her a quick appearance for a WTF moment and to get people wondering what her deal is, and to make sure she’s not forgotten so that when they focus on her story, people (especially new viewers) aren’t like “who is this?”. i promise not to add on any more…

  • jp

    hated the episode.

    it was like one big puzzle. we didnt spend a good two minutes on one story line.

    it was like matt. then peter. then ando. then niki. then micah. then elle.. what the hell is going on. they need COHERENCE NOW!!!!!

    the way they revealed KB’s power was booooooring. it was like meh. meh. meh

    i hope this show gets cancelled.

  • I absolutely agree. How can a show about a gazillion superheroes move so slowly? For me, the most frustrating thing is that, with a cast that large, they could have something significant happen in every single scene and still only tell a handful of stories by May. This waiting around for November is ridiculous. It feels like they are taking the fans for granted and assume we’ll watch any crap they throw at us in the hope of a promised payoff. Last year, I was just about to stop watching when Hiro appeared to Peter on the subway and gave the show some badly-needed direction. It’s about time they do that again.

    It made me miss Veronica Mars, too. Not only are they wasting Kirsten Bell, but there was a show that knew how to pack a month into one episode. Kring should take notes.

    On the plus side, the Emo Wonder Twins were nowhere to be seen.

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  • Shane

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion obviously. Entertainment evokes different emotions from everyone… with that said I too feel unimpressed by season two of Heroes. I feel like there hasn’t been any conclusions made. Everything is being incredibly dragged out. At moments I have to question whether or not I’m watching ‘Days of Our Heroes’.

    The Peter plot is so painful for me to watch. My biggest pet peeve is naivety, and Peter just lacks an incredible amount of common sense him and Mohinder. Which makes completely no sense to me seeing how Mohinder is this genius scientist and Peter is a grown man. I admit people can be naive but gosh you would think giving the circumstance these people have been through more caution would be taken. That scene where Matt uncuffed his dad was so painful. Why would he do that when he knows Molly said he was the Nightmare Man? It was just so pathetic.

    I am so close to being completely over this season. I hate when writers jerk fans around. Just be more upfront with what’s going on. Let the viewers in more and let the story unfold at the same time. I mean put a surprise here and there but throw us a nicer bone too. To have the characters out of the loop and the audience out of the loop all of the time is completely frustrating. I mean take Dexter season one for example. With the Ice Truck Killer… as soon as Rudy came on the scene it was obvious he was in fact the ITK but the story was still so well done.

    I really couldn’t say what the exact point of last nights episode was. Yes minor things were revealed but that just caused more unanswered questions to the growing list.

  • Josh — I by no means mean to imply my opinion is superior or more valid than anyone elses. TV just means a lot to me (afterall, I’m addicted!) and I only critique because I love.

    Shane — Brilliant comparison. HEROES is turning into a soap opera. With each episode peeling back a little story, with numerous different characters weaving in and out of the plot. Tune in each week, you learn a little. Miss a few episodes, no worries. You’ll catch on quick because the plot is moving at a snail’s pace.

  • the-good-shepherd

    Well i kind of have mixed feelings watching s2, we’ll have to admit that there were some scenes that were poorly written like for example Alejandro looking around in broad daylight trying to steal a car and overlooking a police officer standing like 10 yards in front of him or the scene when Peter is interrogated by the Irish mob because they want to know where he (the man that was found handcuffed in an empty container) brought those i-pods… that’s poor storytelling, let’s admit it
    But on the other hand i just can’t understand why many people are bashing the show in general, you can like or dislike a character or storyline like maya’s & alejandro’s for example, but imho they show has delivered a lot of new questions and mysteries which indicate where the show is heading to just like in season one, i don’t feel like being in lost s2, though like i said at the beginning there is some lack of good writing in some scenes, unlike lost i don’t feel like the writers are spinning around in circles, there is a direction where this season is heading to and i can clearly see it, just like it was clear that they had to save the cheerleader/NYi n season one it is obvious that this season will tell us the story of the dirty dozen and why one of them (or is he) is killing the others off
    The only real problem is, that you have to bring forward 6 to 10 story-lines in about 42 Minutes, which is a very difficult task if you want to take your time to develop a character, especially when you got 5 new main characters on the show and want to give them a proper background story, so it is kind of logic that the first few episodes will seem to move very slowly but they aren’t, it’s simply our point of view that makes them look slow, well except maybe for Paolo & Nikki ehem i mean Maya & Alejandro 😉

  • h

    We’re 5 episodes into an 11 episode volume and I don’t have a clue what the big story is. I guess it’s the whole taking down the company/who’s killing the old folks stuff, so why are we wasting SOOOOOOOOO much time on the un-Wonder-ful twins, Hiro in Japan (what a waste of time and budget) and most of the characters acting totally stupid like Claire trusting creepy West over HRG, Mohinder being a giant ass to take Molly to the company and then leave town, Peter’s refusal to open the box, etc., Sylar killing just to kill. And choose — either show us what Hiro’s doing or let us read it, but not both. And as the TV Addict has stated there have no “shocking” moments (which to me was a problem in Eps. 3.1-3.6 of LOST too); it’s all been telegraphed miles ahead. And why does everyone have to have an accent this season? Repetition of powers has really bugged me too.

    I enjoyed last night more than the first 4 because of the nightmare stuff, but it’s still slow. I’ll give it the first 11 episodes, but there better be a big cliffhanger if I’m supposed to care at all after Xmas. Heroes has been a big case of 1 step forward, 3 steps back this season.

  • JennyC

    What happened to HEROES????!!!! This is the show I most anticipated and was to be the anti-LOST. Suddenly HEROES is turning into the Lost of Season 2 and 3. I cannot fathom how someone can defend the show when you see that the characters are not intriguing as last season, but annoying. Hiro, the most entertaining character has become a flop with a tiresome storyline. What is the point?! His infatuation with that woman is getting on my nerves! I was hoping to see Sylar. He is the most interesting character this season as well as Maya and Alejandro. Yes I said it. I missed the twins. That’s how bad last night’s episode was. Elle is annoying…for now. What I did enjoy about last night was not seeing Claire and her dopey boyfriend.

  • TeenieBopper

    Look at the bright side, at least it was a hell of a lot better than last weeks episode.

    Not gonna lie, Heroes is painfully slow this season. You know what they should do? Start killing the crappy characters. Mexi-twins? Kill ’em. West? Emo boy can die in a fire. McWrestler? I hope she pulls a Benoit and kills herself along with Micah. Niki? Hell, I don’t know, insert something creative here.

    Peter needs to stop being such a whiny bitch, Claire needs to turn on her father, her father needs to go nuts, there needs to be more Sylar (and the Haitian), and Hiro needs to get the hell back to his own time and ditch whitey (though he can bring the chick. She’s hot). I can deal with the killing of the first generation storyline, since I’m liking Parkman more and more, as long as they pick it up.

    Oh yeah, and stop ripping off the X-men. Legacy virus ftl.

  • As “Barney” said last night: “Worst Super Heroes Ever.” (how strangely and perfectly timed)

    Well, it wasn’t THE worst episode but I think with the excitment of Kristen Bell episode and our high expectations, it was certainly a big let down and only a painful reminder of how good Veronica Mars really was.

    I will admit I was mistaken. I thought this season started off well enough but sadly, NOTHING’S REALLY CHANGED SINCE THEN. (It’s the same mistake Desperate Housewives did in S2 too. separate our favorite characters into their own storylines and never bringing them together).

    I won’t give up on Heroes just yet but I think I’m going to start watching Samantha Who? live now and save Heroes for whenever I have time (and FF non Kristen Bell scenes).

  • CC

    Definitely Agreed. What a huge dissapointment =/

  • Actually last night’s episode was one of my favorites this season. I won’t lie, I think the show is struggling in its sophomore season, but I’m not ready to give up on it yet.

    I am especially intrigued by the original 12 heroes and want to learn more about them.

    I’m not entirely thrilled with all the new slate of heroes, except Monica. I think her power to copycat is kind of cool.

    I was disappointed with Kristen Bell. I felt like I was watching Veronica Mars. I don’t want to see her a VMars again, I want to see what else Bell can do.


  • Laura

    I completely agree TV addict. I have been disappointed in this season and in last night’s ep… the only really good parts were when Kristen Bell was on. And yeah I miss VM even more now.

    The only reason I will keep watching is to hope that it gets better (because we know it can be brilliant, look at last season!) and besides KB is gonna be on it and I have to watch her!

  • Definitely Disagree. I am loving Heroes every moment more and more.However it appears to be catering to people with the virtue of patience. Like any good comic book mini-series, the payoffs are slow and significant. For example, Matt finally went from Receiving to transmitting, it only took a year. Monica, will clear up Orleans, Elle is related to Bob? in the Company. Exciting exciting time. Peter needed a kick in the pants, and a new cute girlfriend with no ties. Dominic Keating will get a new power soon, and go after them because of the Company. Lots more to do, long way to go. Unlike LOST, I understand the mystery in Heroes, and its characterization. LOST sucked, beacuse I had no sympathy with the characters, I just wanted to know what the black smoke was.

    Heroes, I like because, they are all flawed, like X-Men. and as such, infinite iterations.

  • VCAD

    Do as I do. Watch 3 to 5 eps in a row. It’s worth it. Because if u wait to see it week after week. This happens. It sucks. But if you combine 3-5 episode in a mini marathon is more interesting. hehe

  • Tim

    Hiro’s story is boring and totally flies in the face of time travel fiction. For instance, he doesn’t need to leave notes in the sword for Ando to discover. He could simply travel back to the exact moment he left and not leave anyone worried. The writers seem to be equating 4 months in history as 4 months in the present, but what we are watching from the past HAPPENED IN THE PAST.

    Also, the whole leaving the note in the sword thing bothers me, as well. Him leaving the note changes a HUGE chunk of history and would completely change the “present” we are watching. By leaving the note, it means Linderman, his father, etc. would KNOW about his power when he was young and he probably would have been taken into custody of the “company”.

    Also, some characters need to die/leave. Niki, the new twins, micah, micah’s cousin, the irish gang that peter runs with. The show just needs a hell of a lot of tightening and they need to ramp the story back up instead of letting it slowly come to a boil.

  • Mel

    Let’s see what was good about last night’s episode — No Wonder twins. It was interesting that Elle got called off by “Daddy’ who’s Daddy? And Parkman breaks the Nightmareman’s hold – that’s cool but — develop faster dude!!
    The bad –No Sylar. I was hoping he would eat the wonder twins’ brains (or whatever he does to get their powers. Nicki wants to get well? I want Jessica back – she’s more fun.
    The Ugly — everything else.

  • nowiremonkey

    I agree. I’m don’t watch any other “huge” tv shows so Heroes was the one thing I counted on. And I don’t usually post on tv discussion blogs but the disappointment of Heroes has brought me to that.

    The acting and script are just so unconvincing. How could Peter already fall for that random Irish girl? They did such a bad job of developing that love interest, and the girl has no charisma. I liked Peter a lot in the first season, but his character now is very flat and cheesy. Mohinder, Nathan, and Parkman also are all very corny and seem to have no depth aside from the sparkly “yay I have such a pure heart, I will rescue Molly!” or Nathan’s “grr I’m grumpy all the time”.

    Also why is Sylar back? He better not be the big “badguy” all over again. I miss when Heroes was more light-hearted (I’m happy about Micah’s cousin – at least she’s getting character development). Also why can’t we just focus on, say, 3 characters per episode and give them each a lot of time? Just when you get drawn into one character’s plot, you get pushed away.

    I’m so disappointed. What’s a good new show I can get into where I can watch less than 20 episodes to catch up?

  • TieGuy

    The first season started out pretty slow, and this one seems to be the same. Lets hope the story line really picks up in the coming weeks.

  • Zyloch

    I love Heroes, but I cringe every time they introduce a new character. There is a flood of subplots but no clear villain or overarching goal to tie them together. Or perhaps there is and there are just too many ambiguous characters for me to really figure out what is going on. Like many others here, I haven’t lost faith in the show, but it had better start tying everything together soon to keep me watching.

  • TryingHard

    This season is full of plot holes, painfully sappy moments, and just ill-thought out attempts to force the plot forward. My writing teacher called it the ‘hand of the author’ kind of appearing and moving the story on. I don’t buy the car being stolen just because it was unlocked. Those things have immobilizers, and leaving them unlocked doesn’t make them much easier to steal. Additionally there are things like INSURANCE. Eye drippy twins at the Mexican border, why not uneye drip everyone after you’ve passed them. It’d be stupid just to leave them in a dead pile. Eye drippy fix brother is all on the moral high ground, and his threat is to LEAVE his sister so that she can just leave tons of people dead?! I don’t buy it, what a bleeping mess. Watching this, I was certain they must have lost a writer or something, and now I find that they did. That writer probably tightened up a lot of the ideas and vision of Kring and wrote things in a way not so insulting to the viewer. I could see someone young liking this show because they’re not as of yet familiar with the overdone cliches, and sappiness. I mean, I loved Airwolf as a child, and it’s unwatchably absurd now.

  • Jon

    I agree that season 2 has become crap. What the problem for me is, is that peter is back to square one. I really liked his character in the first season and he was finally getting to become a badass and learn to use his powers to their potential. the show should have gone to the next level. but, it just tried to start back over. everything everyone had accomplished from the first season. It took all season for everyone to finally come together and then in the end. they are for the most part back apart again.

    someone who knows some of the writers or some execs at the studio need to tell them to GIVE PETER HIS MEMORY BACK and if in the next episode Adam uses a stupid peter to do his dirty work. I will be very angry…. this will be VERY lame. I watch the show now in hopes that this crap will stop and it will be what I know it could be.. but, I am not sure how much longer I can do this.