Joanna’s Best & Worst of the Week

Best of the Week #1: DAMAGES
Sometimes, during an episode of DAMAGES, I forget to breathe. This show has too much tension build-up for me! I’m always on alert. A prime example would be Ray Fisk’s sudden death. I did not see that coming, and neither did Patty! In this week’s installment, Ellen learned how to not just play the game, but master it. Glenn Close is brilliant in this role, you never know what she’s really cooking up behind that mask of hers. After this episode, it’s almost impossible the finale will be a disappointment.

Best of the Week #2: MOONLIGHT
Los Angeles. Vampire. Private investigator. Doesn’t feed on humans. The love of his eternal life is a sassy, blonde girl. ANGEL is back on TV!!! YAY! Oh wait, no, this is called MOONLIGHT. Huh? I’m confused. Alright, I’ll admit that this character bears a striking resemblance to that other vampire we love so much. However, I seem to enjoy it anyway. Call it my guilty pleasure. Even though Mick was forced to take Beth’s blood in order to survive – much like the way Angel once had to take Buffy’s blood – I can’t help but love it all over again. It’s like a blast from the past

Best of the Week #3: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
Aside from Riggins’ visit to the Star Trek Super Church, I liked this episode a lot. Mainly because of Connie Britton, as I’m sure many will agree. The stress of living without her husband (honestly, would you be able to live without him?) took its toll and she messed up. Big time. Although I’m not entirely sure that Julie didn’t have it coming. Unlike the rest of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, she has been less than loveable since the start of the season.

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Worst of the Week #1: CALIFORNICATION
I’m so tired of all the special love Hank supposedly feels for his ex-girlfriend. This week she found out about the engagement ring and apparently that was the catalyst for all the doubts that she started having. Yes, let’s milk this story some more. But that’s not the only reason I put CALIFORNICATION down as worst series of the week. Did anyone else see that storyline of the wrongfully credited teenage writer coming from a hundred miles away? Tune in next week for the inevitable blackmailing scene between Hank and ‘you-slept-with-a-minor’ Mia.

Worst of the Week #2: TELL ME YOU LOVE ME
After putting it in my ‘Top 3’ last week, it’s odd that it’s in this category now. I’m just as confused as you are, especially about this episode. Suddenly Palek never wants to have children? That makes me wonder if he wanted them in the first place. What happened to Jamie’s efforts to be alone for a while? Why is Dave still reluctant to go to therapy? Didn’t he make that big statement about how he didn’t want Katie to go through this alone? Maybe I missed something because I was distracted by the Chair’ishing Intercourse for the Elderly. Yeah, that was a little much for me.

Worst of the Week #3: THE OFFICE
Don’t get me wrong, I could never get enough of THE OFFICE, but I’m not sure if the hour long episodes are doing the show justice. I can easily tell which storylines would have been left out if these episodes had run for just their usual thirty minutes. Perhaps they should only air half hour episodes and later release the full episodes on DVD, sort of like what they did with those deleted scenes. I mean, die hard fans love the full hour of Office greatness, but I can imagine the occasional viewer may have switched to another channel during Jim and Pam’s visit to The Schrute Farm. That was lame, to say the least.

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  • Linda B.

    Yeah Moonlight! I’m glad to see someone else enjoying it besides me (and i was never even an Angel watcher).

    I liked Pam and Jim at the Schrute farm.

  • Kristy

    i could watch jim and pam all day theyre so cute i hate shows that keep two characters apart bc they dont think once they get together ppl will still care it just shows a lack of creativity and a trust in your own material that ppl werent just tuning in for the will they or wont they factor, im very proud of the office. stop hating!

  • Josh

    Waaaait, the part of The Office you mention as being bad is Jim and Pam’s visit to Shrute Farm? I thought that was the main redeeming quality of the episode!

  • Katrina

    I have to agree with Josh on that one. Jim and Pam’s trip ti Shrute Farms was a great part of the episode- I was sad it was over so quickly. That episode was fantastic on so many levels because it really had some great character insight and development. A lot of The Office is going to seem a bit “unfun” to unfamiliar viewers because a lot of it is based on our understanding of the characters and how they interact.

  • CC

    Tell Me You Love Me is unbearable to watch. I mean… bad writing bad acting (though some is good) bad storylines… waaay too many sex scenes, that go on too long and become unnessassary even if it IS about sex. They put them in there surely for shock value alone, but after like 7 minutes you sit there thinking… when is this going to be over. There is no silver lining for these characters, I swear watching it makes me want to shut the tv off sometimes.
    The only good storyline is about the couple who stopped having sex.
    AND yes the senior citizens having sex…. I know they have sex but come on, seriously, who WANTS to see that?
    How did HBO think this would be groundbreaking entertainment is beyond me…

    And on a totally different topic,
    I love Moonlight, it was the sweet surprise of the tv season for me. =)

  • Matt

    I want to watch Moonlight but i have a feeling it will be cancelled im I wrong?

  • Joanna

    Matt, I don’t think you’re wrong at all. There’s no room for those kind of cult shows anymore. If it doesn’t bring in more than 5 million viewers on the pilot episode, a show’s future is uncertain at best these days.

  • Jennifer

    CC, i completely disagree with you about tell me you love me………..i love that show! you are correct about the sex scenes being a little too long and gratuitous, but I like that the show presents people at different phases of a relationship. I think the show is well written and the acting is amazing (though i must confess i tend to channel surf when i see Dr. Foster getting it on in a chair :.)). Even though palek was such an ass this week, i’m looking forward to seeing what happens when he finds out about carolyn. i heard it was just picked up for another season!