By The Numbers with C.T.

The good news: Friday night’s are no longer a dead zone where the ratings are concered. The bad? FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS isn’t the show people are tuning in for. In fact, the primetime Nielsen ratings for the week of Oct. 15-21 show the football saga getting killed by WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB. Heck, even the bloodless vampires of MOONLIGHT are sucking up more viewers in the FNL timeslot. Meanwhile, I’d be surprised if ABC doesn’t make some changes in the very near future. After all, how long can they sit back while BIG SHOTS loses about 11 million of the viewers who tune in for GREY’S ANATOMY an hour earlier? A show I oh-so-wrongly labeled a lame duck early in the season — DIRTY SEXY MONEY — is proving to be something of a keeper for ABC, especially since it’s retaining all all but about 3 million of the nearly 12 million who tune in for PRIVATE PRACTICE. And ABC also has a big winner in SAMANTHA WHO?, which cracked the top 10 in overall numbers and the top 20 in that prized 18-49 demo we all know and loathe. But you just know red-faced ABC execs are slipping earplugs into place so as to at least try and deafen themselves to the cries of “I told you so!” as CAVEMEN continues to slip. Seeing as the cro-magnon men and their CARPOOLERS buddies are bringing in about 6.9 million viewers in the 8 p.m. hour as opposed to the 17.3 million waltzing in at 9 p.m. for DANCING WITH THE STARS, I’m betting both sitcoms will find themselves with nothing to laugh about very soon.

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