Channel Surfing with C.T.

While I’m not going to spoil anything for those (coughdanielcough) who haven’t yet seen it, last night’s season finale of DAMAGES was, in a word, phenomenal. From the beginning, I thought that this show had more in common with a miniseries than its episodic brethren, and I still feel that way. If the show never aired another episode, the 13 which aired could be considered a damn-near perfect series. The final moments gave us answers and perfectly set up a second-season story arc, and yet left me feeling completely satisfied. Next time someone tells you that there’s nothing decent on television, tell them to download DAMAGES from itunes and call you when it’s over. I guarantee they’ll retract that statement.

Remember how a week ago I said I’d given up on HEROES? Well, last night I decided to watch Monday’s episode if for no other reason than to see my beloved Kristen Bell. And while the show is still not firing on all cylinders, the engine does seem to at least be revving. I like Micah’s cousin and her ability to basically mimic anything she witnesses is kinda cool. Although when the two of them hit the streets to test her newfound ability, could the show have given her any more stereotypical options: basketball or double dutch… seriously? And this whole Hiro-in-Japan thing is just incredibly boring, no matter how much I love Sark… er, David Anders. I think the thing I liked best about the episode was the absence of Maya and her brother. Listen, it’s bad enough that I have to look up and pay attention to the screen everytime we cut to Hiro in feudal Japan. Throw in the Spanish-speaking siblings, and now the show is spending way too much time in subtitleland. If I wanted to read, I’d pick up a book.

Wouldn’t it be smart for networks to release struggling shows on DVD at an incredibly low price — say, ten or fifteen bucks — in an effort to bring new viewers to the table? The first, abbreviated season of GREY’S ANATOMY originally came out at somewhere around twenty bucks, leading me to purchase it (I’ll buy anything that’s priced that low), watch the whole thing in a few weeks, then immediately go out and purchase all the other seasons. Now, I’m a devoted weekly viewer. Speaking of DVD’s, when the frak is BATTLESTAR’s third season coming out? Why is RAZOR available for pre-order on, but not season 3?

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