Exclusive First Look: 24 Season 7 Trailer

Courtesy of a mole deep inside CTU, theTVaddict.com is thrilled to offer up a first look at the highly anticipated seventh season of 24. Needless to say, if this trailer is any indication — skeptics be damned. Season 7 of 24 is going to rock.

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  • dale morgan

    jack is back with no friends not that they ever helped him in the first place well this year we can say hello and goodbye to nameless rabble as they die 1 by 1 i can’t wait

  • Paulie

    WTF?? Tony is alive after the creators of the show have said time and time again that he was definitely dead in season 5? And he’s evil too—how nice!! What liars they are!!! What a crapfest this is going to be—–oh, so different, so new they said it would be—-iit’s not, it’s the same crap in a different city, FBI takes the place of CTU. Who says Jack doesn’t have friends, he brought along that geek Chloe and that old fool Bill. This will top the evil Bauer family of season 6 for sheer stupidity.