Random Musings on Wednesday Television

As theTVaddict.com’s technical woes continue [rest assured everything will be back to normal by the weekend] I thought I’d give you all some space to sound off on last night’s television. But before I do, allow me to get a few thoughts of my chest.

Let’s just say, with a title as blatant as DIRTY SEXY MONEY, I expected a lot more out of the gate from the new Greg Berlanti series. Yet as the weeks have gone on, this TV Addict, much like Peter Krause’s Nick, is slowly realizing that he can’t live without his weekly Darling family fix. It’s as if the writers finally clued in — television fans need to care about this family. Let’s show that the twins love eachother, that Tripp is genuinely hurt by his wife’s betrayal and that Brian truly wants to save his marriage. DIRTY SEXY MONEY is quietly evolving into an interesting family drama. Which is what it needs to be. After-all, if all we wanted to do was laugh at the stupidity of the uber rich, who needs a television show when we already have the internet.

From rich families to rich teenagers, let’s gossip shall we. Could Jenny Humphrey be any cooler? Who’d have thought the unassuming younger sister of lead character Dan would so quickly become this TV Addict’s favorite. In less surprising news, popular book character [So I’m told. No really, this TV Addict draws the line at ‘chick’ lit — it’s all about chick’ TV for me] Vanessa appeared to stir up trouble between Dan and Serena. Why trouble you ask? Well she refers to Dan as “Humphrey.” Which in TV land means, I’m trying to be casual about this, but I’m really still into you. And finally poor Blair. Can this girl not catch a break? She spends undoubtedly days planning the ultimate romantic rendezvous with Nate only to have it backfire yet again. No wonder she’s always in such a bad mood. But let’s give Nate a break shall we. His Dad’s not only hiding some serious financial problems [Clearly Nate doesn’t watch THE OC — or else he’d realize his Dad’s pulling a Papa Cooper!] but also may be hiding a serious drug addiction. Too bad we’ll have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next.

If you asked this TV Addict at the beginning of the season what show’s he’d consider “Can’t Miss”, BIONIC WOMAN would have undoubtedly made the top 5. Yet oddly enough, after two lackluster episodes, BIONIC’s gone from “Can’t Miss” to “Can’t Miss PVRing.” While I have yet to tune into the past two episodes, I still seem to be recording them. Was last night’s episode worth watching? Or should this TV Addict give up all together on Jamie Summers.

  • Matt P

    What happened to the site? Not sure if I like the redesign, with the orange on the sides.

  • I like it 🙂 It’s bright, but I’m cool with that. heh

  • Thanks Jenny for the kind words. After a week of server hell, it’s much appreciated.

    For those of you confused by everything. By Monday, everything should ‘in theory’ be working perfectly!

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  • courtney

    I quite like the new look! Glad to see my fav blog back looking good…

  • Linda B.

    I must say, Bionic Woman’s episode this week was the best yet. It actually had a story, and reminded me much of Alias. If all the future episodes could be like this one, i’ll definitely continue watching.

  • Linda B.

    Wow, for the first time ever, the site didn’t crash when i left a comment! Good riddance GoDaddy!

  • Neena

    Stick with BW TV Addict – this ep was actually not that bad. MR was pretty good in it. I liked the CIA guy and the Tech guy was good as well. If they keep things the way they were this week – light hearted and fun. Then it will definitely improve.

    It’s getting better – SLOWLY.

  • nick carlone

    I love this show and i think its only going to get better.Most shows take about 5 episodes to find there rhythm and i hope people give it a chance.