You Be the Critic: Thursday Night TV

Thanks to the headache of moving servers [so long GoDaddy!], this TV Addict unfortunately missed virtually everything on television last night with the exception of the SCRUBS last ever season finale [funny, but not hilarious].

With that in mind, I leave it up to you, my far smarter and better looking readers to let me know what’s worth watching on the glorious two days known around these parts as ‘the weekend’

Was it a welcome return to thirty minute episodes of THE OFFICE? Did 30 ROCK manage to be its usual hilarious self? Is anyone still watching BIG SHOTS? Post away.

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  • Betty and Grey’s were fun. We have a quote of the week contender too.

    (after Marc says he’s going to ask an underwear model out)
    Marc: What? You think he’s out of my league? Please. He’s a 9, I’m an 8.
    Amanda: He’s a 10, you’re a 6.
    Marc: You’re a bitch, I’m a 7.

  • Josh

    The Office was really funny, and we finally had an episode where Michael wasn’t such an idiot. They gave him a chance to show that he can actually do something well.

    30 Rock wasn’t as hilarious as a few past weeks, although Jack’s roleplaying of Tracy’s family was the best thing ever.

    Grey’s was great minus Gizzie. I was hoping they would be torn further apart.

    Betty was okay. I’m in love with Marc’s new guy Cliff.

    Scrubs was meh. I was kinda disappointed.

  • Julien

    30 Rock was better than usual so it was incredible, the Jack/Tracy scene was hilarious

  • I totaly agree, the 30 Rock szene, where Jack ‘cures’ Tracey when he imitates his hole family, was awesome! I laughed so hard!

    Grey’s Anatomy was okay, I like that Christina and Callie get closer now – especially because I don’t think of it by myself. But George & Izzie? Seriously? No way – but better than Callie, she is wy too ‘strong’ and dominant for him, he need a whiny, helpless woman – so maybe Izzie is the right call, but again: seriously?

    The joke with ‘second second life’ was hilarious, Dwight is such a genious. 😀 I started watching The Office this season, so I’m still thrilled about every little joke. 😉

    And Scrubs? Come on, it was really good! I liked it a lot, I missed it. The joke with the award nomination? ‘suck it Tony Shalhoub’ – great stuff! I’m looking forward to the last season, I bet it’ll be great, you’ll see!

  • ichistmeinname — Suck it Tony Shaloub was the best line of the night!

  • Haven’t seen Ugly Betty or Grey’s Anatomy yet. Still trying to catch up on Wednesday TV. Did see Survivor and Scrubs though.

    Survivor was slighly more interesting than it has been, thanks to a surge in strategy. But, this was also the eating-disgusting-foods-challenge episode, and I hate those challenges.

    Scrubs was awesome. Great writing and acting as usual. I hope J.D. and Kim do start getting deeper feelings for each other before series end. I’d hate to see either of them stuck in a lovelss relationship.

  • BearDogg-X

    Still watching Big Shots, mainly because I’m a fan of Christopher Titus.

    Smallville was good, and I haven’t watched My Name Is Earl yet.

  • Skye2477

    Supernatural was one of the best of the three seasons and opens a whole lot of discussions as to what’s really going on with Sam and Dean and even Ruby, who’s getting more and more interesting with each episode. As much as i have been loving the monster of the week epi’s and the game of what death can be grosser… it was really exciting to get back to a mythos epi… with some great insight intot he demon mind!

  • Yeah, I’m with Skye. Supernatural had most of its usual great stuff (Bobby, quippy Dean, demons run amok–the magic fingers bed!) but also had a new, more thoughtful tone and made the war a whole lot more complex.

  • A really good thing happens when the audience must actually use their brain while watching an episode and pay attention to the details — they are left with a feeling of awe and an afterimage that continues well after the episode is over. That’s what happened with this week’s excellent SUPERNATURAL. It is true quality with substance that doesn’t rely simply on who slept with who this week, or a rehash of the same crime procedurals. Interesting twists and reveals garnished with some truly thought-provoking issues and discussions put it well ahead of the Thursday night pack. 🙂