BSG RAZOR Screenings in Canada? So Say We All

Recently, the SCI FI network announced that they’d be holding free advanced screening events for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA RAZOR on November 12th 2007 in select cities across America. [See]

While we at applaud SCI FI’s attempt to spread the word and promote one of the most incredible shows on television. We can’t help but feel a little disappointed — albeit not surprised — that at least one Canadian city wasn’t included as part of the advanced screening event.

Not only is BATTLESTAR GALACITCA filmed in the beautiful city of Vancouver British Columbia. You can thank Canadian talent for most of the show’s award winning production values, outdoor locations, not to mention the beautiful Tricia Helfer [an Alberta native].

Canadians keep GALACTICA running smoothly [Aaron Douglas, Tahmoh Penikett], make us laugh and cry [Kate Vernon, Donnelly ‘Doc Cottle’ Rhodes], have lost their life for the cause [Paul Campbell] and are even secretly Cylons [Michael Hogan and once again, Aaron Douglas].

With that in mind, it’s time to make our voices heard. Let’s take a page from Chief Tyrol’s book and stand up for what we believe in [think WWTD!]. Let’s not sit idly by as Canadian television fans are yet again forgotten. 

Please post away in the comments below if you’d like to see Toronto and Vancouver get a RAZOR screening alongside our American friends on November 12. Thousands of fans can’t be ignored. SO SAY WE ALL.

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  • Cheryl

    I would love nothing more than the opportunity to see BSG on the big screen this fall. A Toronto screening would be a great opportunity for fans to get together and bring along some friends who will surely become hooked. Oh Sci Fi – please don’t forget about us loyal Canadian fans!

  • Maria

    Yes please! BSG = best show on TV. Period.

  • Amanda

    Battlestar is really neat
    Action, surprises and even sweet

    Canada loves every last character
    Starbuck, Apollo and even Baltar

    Please make sure Toronto gets a screening
    If not, us fans will surely be screaming

    To see BSG on the big screen would be great
    Come on Sci Fi, there should be no debate

    All we want to hear this fall
    Is all of our voices in one big, So say we all

  • LK

    BSG is the best Sci Fi show on TV right now! Please don’t forget about your canadian fan base and have a screening here also, it’s only fair!