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By Special Guest Contributor Seth C.

A lot has been written about how lousy Heroes has been this season. I for one have been greatly disappointed, but I was always taught don’t criticize unless you offer a solution. So here is my solution.

Get back to the basics. Give our Heroes a goal that is easily recognizable. Think “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” or “How do you stop an Exploding Man”. Right now everyone is out in their own private universe with no goal that is easy for the audience to understand. Suresh and HRG on one mission, Peter on his own, Nathan looking for a good barber now that he has shaved. Give them a purpose. Parkman seems to have a mission everyone can work on. What is the meaning of the picture, who is trying to kill everyone and why?

Sylar — Am I the only one that realizes that he is still alive. Do none of our Heroes wonder where his body has gone? Put Sylar back to the forefront and start answering some of the questions surrounding him. There are some great back-stories that should be told. How did he get to the middle of nowhere? How did he get to the highway? Why has he lost his powers? After he killed Eden he thought he had her powers why didn’t he? Sylar can be the common bond that unites our Heroes. We all love to hate villains, so lets have him in the forefront.

Claire/Supermanlite — We know that powers are passed down from the parents and that Matt and his Daddy have the same power. Who else can fly-Nathan a.k.a. Claire’s daddy, is he also Superman lite’s father? Do we have a Star Wars moment with a brother and sister making out? Easy to fix, get rid of Superman lite and let Claire be Claire have her out using her powers trying to help people. Lets not worry about the “Firm” finding her and let her do what she can. Other then growing back a toe all she has done is replay Superman Returns, which wasn’t that great (that is another article).

Hiro/Ando — The best Dynamic Duo since..Well you know. Bring them back together. Get Hiro out of the past and back to present day. This ancient Japanese time travel story line has added nothing to the story. If you intend on keeping Hiro in the past then get rid of Ando. We don’t need him reading letters we need him helping Hiro and if he can’t do that then get rid of him.

HRG — Does anyone really believe that Copy Kingdom is where he is working. He must have a lot of money saved up to live the lifestyle he does? What is out there in the Ukraine that he had to rush off with the Haitian? Lets have HRG do what he needs to do…Face the “Firm” head on, use his alliances and start something to get rid of them like he planned.

Suresh — Have him grow up and start doing…wait a minute what is he doing? As one of the few people without powers we need to make him useful. If he is with HRG then lets get to work, (as an aside does anyone else think his cellphone is bugged and the “Firm” knows exactly what is going on?) if not then have really start “curing” the Heroes. That could turn into a great storyline with our Heroes banding together to fight Suresh and what he is doing. Couldn’t you see Sylar and Peter working side by side to fight a common foe.

The Petrelli brothers — Tell us the back story after the explosion and maybe we will care that Peter is amnesic and Nathan is wallowing in self-pity. Have them both accept their fates and start…..Wait that is the whole problem with the show nobody has a purpose. The previous characters not mentioned seem to be on the right track, but if I have to see Parkman with his sideways glance I may explode. Lastly we have been introduced to a whole slew of new characters this year. This is what we should do with all these newbies.

The Wonder Twins — Kill them off, they have served no purpose except be annoying. Do they have a real power anyways?

Takezoe and everyone in Ancient times — Kill them off, the whole plot line is boring.

Monica — has great potential, put her to work, have Suresh recruit her and she can copy other peoples skills…wait a minute isn’t that what Peter’s powers are? The only thing to fix in her storyline is the preachiness of the whole Katrina incident.

So while it seems like a lot it really isn’t. A few minor changes and our Heroes can be mighty again.

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  • I agree with all of your suggestions. I still haven’t caught up on last week’s episode because it’s just not must-watch TV for me these days.

  • Dominique

    I don’t disagree with the suggestions but I don’t agree either. I think you point out valid questions and I agree that some of the things should be just cut from the story like Hiro and the guy from Alias … boring. I wish it would be better because I love Hiro and I was really happy when David Anders joined the cast of Heroes. At the same time, I think season 1 started the same way with everyone in their own world but in the end they all came together for one reason. I think we will find out the answers to all the questions we have with the episodes to come. But again I always thought that Heroes wasn’t the best show on TV and that it was too slow for my taste. This is why I didn’t follow season 1 every week but I ended watching every episodes this summer. I am only watching now for Kristen Bell because I was a big Veronica Mars fan.

  • the-good-shepherd

    There are some things you haven’t figured out yet:
    1. Sylar did NOT kill Eden, she shot herself in the head (destroying her brain) to prevent him from taking her power
    2. Matt & his father do NOT have the same power, just because his father said so, they might have the same power, but we simply don’t know, since his father could have lied to him

    Your suggestions are quite good, and i do believe that we will see most of those things, since it’s clear, that our Heroes have to team up at some point.
    I think the further progression of the show will give these first episodes more credit than it seem right now, there’s got to be a reason why they spend so much time with the Takezo Kensei Storyline and my suggestion is, that no other than Takezo Kensei himself is Nathan & Peter’s father, since we weren’t able to see Papa Petrelli’s face i think it will be him, who was on the photo.
    The next shocker is, that Elle turns out to be Takezo Kenseis daughter too, that would be cool

  • I agree with a lot of these points, but have a very different take on Sylar. I actually wish he would go away altogether. Heroes is told within the framework of a comic book, and ALL comics have multiple villains. Let’s get a different Big Bad every season. Also: no more child actors. Just, no.

    I mentioned this in a post on how to fix the show ( — feel terribly crass linking, but it’s so much easier than retyping the key points) and was also begging for the Emo Wonder Twins to be killed off. Maybe tonight will be our night?

  • courtney

    I personally think that there is a logical reason that some people have the same powers, and it has nothing to do with bloodlines. All the people who have the same power as someone else have the two-prong scar. They’ve been injected with something (DNA, parasite, virus, etc) from the person with the original power.

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  • The Amazing Patel

    Have Parkman eat all of the Heroes.
    Here’s the outline.
    Parkmans father makes Parkman think he is starving. So Parkman kills Nathan and minces him up and makes a sandwich. A Heroe Sandwich.
    Parkman continues to dine untill there are no more Heroes.
    Then he poops them out. Before flushing he glances at his poop and sees what we have seen this season.

  • kevin

    it seems that if you wait another week (or 2?) that pretty much all of your questions are going to be answered when they do the flashback episode that covers what happened in the 4 month gap. also i like the wonder twins and think they’ve got a lot of potential.

  • Alyssa

    I sorta think that people forget what the beginning of season 1 was like. Exactly the same. Set up. Set up. Set up. The bam bam bam. Awesomeness.

  • EKI

    Well, everybody is saying that the Ancient Japan story is nothing but crap. I don’t agree. I have the feeling that in the coming episodes we will meet White Beard and we will realize that we have already seen him previously. And BTW, I love having “Julian Sark” back in a TV hit, if you know what I mean.

    And I also have the feeling he is still alive. Wouldn’t it be a great twist that White Beard was a 60something years old Hiro Nakamura?

    Nevermind, I think this White Beard can cause a severe trouble in the present and that eventually Sylar will be the only one standing him (or the only one who will be able to buy some time for Peter to get back in shape).

    It is true that some of the stories are kind of random or seem not to be connected, but remember first season. How many episodes did we had before they started to really get together?

  • the-good-shepherd

    I was wondering if White beard was no other but Mr. Linderman or one of his ancestors, that would be great

  • Josh

    While I definitely disagree with you on the quality of Season 2, I actually like most of your ideas. Hiro and HRG in particular need new storylines. HRG was one of my favorite parts of Season 1, and I think he needs to take a more hands-on role in taking on the Company than just talking to Suresh (who should be killed off).

    I’m starting to get tired of Hiro’s storyline. I want him back in the present, with Ando.

    I like Peter’s storyline, especially now that Elle is searching for him. It should become even more interesting now. Speaking of Elle, that’s one thing you didn’t mention. I want more Kristen Bell!

  • Seth C

    I’m thanking everyone for their comments both positive and constructive.

    To The Good Shepherd, you are correct it wasn’t Eden that he killed but Michelle, in episode 3 of season 2, as for traits being passed on we don’t know enough about how powers are passed on to say it is not a possibility.

    As for not mentioning Elle that was done on purpose. We don’t know enough about her YET, to make a judgement. Although if her Daddy and her quest don’t manifest itself quickly the character needs to be phased out. Please all you Veronica Mars don’t get on my case I never watched the show so I don’t have the same feelings that you do.

    Keep the comments flowing.

    Seth C.

  • Tim

    I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I think Heroes snapped out of the slump big time tonight. I actually cared about everything happening(except for the hiro storyline). Plus we are finally seeing some progress in the story and where we might be headed.

  • CC

    I wish they would do everything you said. Its so dissapointing. I dont understand why they waited sooooooo long to show us what actually happened after the explosion (its supposed to be in an upcoming episode right?) WHY didnt they show that first? To keep us guessing with mindless plots we dont care about? Helllloooo use some logic writers please

  • Ashley

    David Anders is the best thing that’s happened to this show. And HRG needs to be killed and sent to bad actor hell. He’s one of the WORST I’ve seen.

  • Eligio J. Rosa

    I think that Heroes shouldn’t be fixed… yet. And your article is full of crap.

  • Nicole

    I do agree with a lot of this and disagree with some other stuff.

    -I think Kensai could be a great bad guy. Maybe Hiro will accidentily pop him into the future.
    -The twins are pretty boring but it’d be cool if Sylar had an evil partner to kill people with. Although he’s just going to kill her too but I can dream of some delusional Bonnie & Clyde type stuff. 🙂
    -And basically I couldn’t care less about whatever Peter’s doing now. I want to know what the hell happened in the 4 months and at what point did he meet Elle because he seems to have her power.
    -KILL NATHAN. Sorry that’s just me though. I hate that guy.

    At least my favorite guy Matt has a pretty good storyline.

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  • Pingback: When you’re helpless, you can’t help but watch TV | Confessions of a TV Harlot()

  • ferw

    Do not kill HRG, otherwise you can’t fix anything.