DAMAGES Finale Leaves this TV Addict’s Head Spinning

While I realize this is a week late, the TV Addict finally found the time to watch the incredible first season finale of DAMAGES. Emphasis on ‘first season,’ because I’m fully expecting FX….

[Commence shameless sucking up]

… the world’s coolest cable netlet. The network famous for shepherding little watched, yet critically acclaimed dramas like DAMAGES and THE RICHES….

[End shameless sucking up]

… to renew DAMAGES for a second season.

That said, the season finale has left my head spinning with questions. And if I have any hope of getting to bed in order to wake up for my [shameless plug] 8AM TV Addict radio spot on Flow 93.5 in Toronto, I’m enlisting the help from YOU, my far smarter and better looking readers. So here they are, a few questions with regards to first season finale of DAMAGES.

1] Is Arthur Frobisher really dead? If BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’S William Adama and 24’s Tony Almeida can survive, we have a feeling Frobisher can.

2] What’s the deal with Patty’s deceased child? Does she have any connection to Frobisher? The accident in Arlington?

3] What was the unexplained mystery surrounding Patty’s son. Clearly he’s up to no good.

4] Why is Patty being investigated by the FBI?

5] Lastly, when will FX end the suspense and officially pick-up DAMAGES for a second season? Lord knows if DIRT received a second season, surely there’s room for Patty Hewes.

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  • shanna

    1. I hope Arthur Frobisher isn’t dead because Ted Danson did a wonderful job with the role but … he looked pretty dead/dying to me.

    2. Patty’s deceased child might be the missing link in why Patty went so hard after Frobisher. I wonder when he got into that accident in Arlington if there wasn’t another car involved … perhaps a young, newly pregnant Patricia Hewes was in that car.

    3. Patty’s son? I wonder if he witnessed the attack on Ellen or knew it was going to happen.

    4. I think they explained that Patty is being investigated fo rher legal practices. Clearly, she gets a lot of her verdict’s in a dirty way.

    5. Who knows?

  • sharon

    Does anyone know how I can get a DVD of the finale of Season one: Damages?