You Be The Critic: Monday Night TV

big bang theory

It should come as no surprise that leading up to November Sweeps, television is finally starting to kick it up a notch.

Last night’s installment of HEROES was a return to form. Bringing back a surprisingly dangerous HRG, a predictably evil Sylar and an ending so jaw-dropping this TV Addict thought he had teleported back to last season. What lead to 93% of the world being wiped out? Are the remaining 7% all super-powered? Whatever the answer, of one thing we’re sure. HEROES finally managed to do something its failed to do all season long. Get us psyched for next Monday at 9PM.

Next up, the always dependable HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. This week, television’s heir apparent go-to-office-bad-guy, also known as special guest star John Cho successfully wooed Marshall to forgo his dream of environmental law in order to work for an evil corporate law firm. Even funnier than Marshall’s morning walk of shame [after a night of drunken debauchery with Cho] was Ted’s realization that he shares the same name with a porn star. His accidental interview over the phone for an adult magazine… hilarious. Even funnier, was the fact that the adult video Ted Mosby only named himself ‘Ted Mosby’ as an homage to Ted after Ted saved him from a bunch of bullies in high school. All of which naturally begs the question. Have you ever ‘googled’ your name only to discover that you share the same name with an Adult Video Star. If so, let us know!

And finally, the funniest line of the night goes to [brace yourself] a Chuck Lorre sitcom [honestly, I never thought I’d utter those words]. THE BIG BANG THEORY continues to delight. Mostly thanks to the unintentional hilarity of Sheldon. His Halloween costume — brilliant. Funnier still his line delivery commenting on the reactions to his costume which is actually a visual representation of the Doppler Effect, “Given the reaction to my costume this party is a scathing indictment of the American education system.” When Penny’s ex-boyfriend asks Sheldon if he’s a Zebra, Sheldon replies, “Yet another child left behind.” Trust us, hilarious. Tune in next week, Monday at 8:30PM on CBS.

  • Jimbo

    Big Bang Theory quote….I guess you had to be there. And, I most certainly was not. Show is terrible.

  • Josh

    I’m glad you liked Heroes! I thought last night’s episode was awesome. It was easily the best of the season. I’m so excited for next week’s flash forward.

  • Jimbo — I’m a nerd at heart. Although not nerdy enough to ever dress up in any kind of Lord of the Rings costume! Star Trek… maybe. Spider-man… hmmm I’ve been mistaken for Tobey Maguire on more than a few occasions. Not that that’s necessarily a good thing!

  • Maria

    I love Sheldon!!

  • Maria — Sheldon For President! [tshirt totally coming soon!]

  • Jay

    Since Prison Break wasn’t on 🙁 I finally got 2 watch How I Met Your Mother & The Big Bang Theroy. Which I loved! After that I changed 2 Heroes, and then remember this season was boring so I changed 2 Samatha Who>? Which was very good. Journeyman was alos a very good episode. So I actually missed the 1st good episode of Heroes this season?

  • Common Sense

    After 2+ years, Prison Break lost me as a viewer after the Sara debacle. Last week I turned it on and fell asleep. Last night, I didn’t even realize it wasn’t on…because I have moved on to HIMYM. Fox, you screwed with us long enough…now you lose.

  • Shane

    “Samantha Who” was on last night, although I watched it this morning because I was watching “Heroes” a move I wont be making next week after last nights deja vu episode.

    Anyway SW is definitely a fantastic comedy and I’m glad it got the green light for a full season. It’s cheesy but sometimes we all need a bit of cheese every now and then.

  • Matt

    ok I laughed more at Big Bang Theory then any other show so far this year, Prison Break is all over for me!