Joanna’s Best & Worst of the Week

Best of the Week #1: THE OFFICE
Back to the original half hour episodes! I must say it felt very short, but it was some excellent stuff. I truly believe the hour long episodes dragged things out too long. This week’s episode was a true classic. Michael’s creativity poured into a commercial that undoubtedly sucks, but was still better than the cheesy stuff ‘corporate’ came up with. Michael’s commercial made me all warm and fuzzy inside. THE OFFICE is back in top form, and I’m loving every second of it

Best of the Week #2: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
Finally, Julie seems to get a clue. Hopefully from now on she will stop referring to little Gracie as ‘your baby’, and I pray that we’ve seen the last of The Swede. Is anyone else secretly hoping that Jason does get the surgery? Just to see if it works? Or is that just me? Because obviously he’s not going to die, if that’s the case it would be a very well kept secret and Hollywood is not too great with casting secrets *cough Jorja Fox cough*. Last but not least, coach is back! Took him long enough!

Best of the Week #3: WEEDS
Just when you think Nancy can’t get into any more trouble, someone makes sure that she does. There has never been a boring episode of WEEDS. The reason I haven’t mentioned the show yet is because it’s constantly good. Maybe it’s not mind-blowing, but I’ve never been disappointed. I can even tolerate Mary-Kate Olsen as God’s personal pot saleswoman. And this week, Celia Hodes once again proves to be my personal hero. There’s never enough loathing and bitterness in the world!

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Worst of the Week #1: CALIFORNICATION
Does anyone else think Hank’s daughter is a robot? She must be the world’s most monotone speaker, I believe my cat’s meows have more variety. And of course, as I said last week, there was the inevitable blackmail scene. Next week, Karen leaves Boring Bill at the altar to be with Hank, after which the truth about Mia’s stolen book comes out, followed by the revelation of Hank and Mia’s illegitimate adventures. Spoiler sites for this show are superfluous, it’s not exactly hard to figure out.

Worst of the Week #2: HOUSE
The selection process is getting tiresome, if you ask me. Pick someone already! When they said House’s ducklings would have different jobs on the show from this season on, I didn’t expect this huge loss of screen time to be one of the side effects! There’s barely any interaction between House and his former employees anymore. I say either erase the characters altogether or find a way to make them blend in better with both the new additions to the cast as well as the characters we already know and love.

Worst of the Week #3: HEROES
Slightly better than previous episodes, but only because of Monica’s fun power. In my opinion, her power was the highlight of another unfortunate series of scenes. I despise Hiro’s and Peter’s storylines with every fibre of my being. For instance, can Peter’s new girlfriend ever have a conversation without asking a million questions? What I did like was the fight ‘between’ Matt and Nathan, at least that gave me some food for thought. Unlike Hiro’s fairytales. Those would put even kids to sleep. I still have high hopes for Kristin Bell, she was excellent as ever. I haven’t gotten into her character yet, but I’m hoping I will soon.

  • rocky

    I hope Kristen Bell will kill this irish chick … I am so annoyed about her charakter
    she cant act at all

  • Joanna,

    Usually we’re on the same page with the week’s best and worst — but to name HOUSE one of the worst? That’s just crazy talk!

    HOUSE has been incredible this year and the whole ‘intern’ story-line is a large part of the reason why. After 3 years of essentially the same procedural show each and every week. HOUSE needed an injection of new creativity. And this intern story-line has done just that.

    I applaud the writers for taking a chance and trying something new. I think most fans would agree that it’s been a smashing success.

  • Yeah, I agree this season of House as been nothing but excellent!!

    The newcomers are very well done, I do think it is great that they take their time with them, and I LOVE the fact that they didn’t just get the originals back like nothing even happened somehow. That, would have been poor writing!

    Although I’m scared about Foreman coming back, sounds really bad, and even worst the idea that House could choose 3 of his new team and Foreman get the other three for his own team… but so far writers have really pleasantly surprised me, and I hope they’ll continue…

  • *showtime

    heroes is getting on my last nerve. Hiro needs to get out of feudal Japan and come back to the present and find out that his father was murdered! Peter needs to get his memory back, and Suresh has to get Molly out of the Company. HRG seriously needs to stop killing people. What’s the point? The highlight of this episode was between Sylar and Alejandro. We all can figure out that Sylar is going to take his power and control Maya. Oh, and they need to stop introducing new characters!

  • Joanna

    Guys, I agree that House needed a change. And I agree with the new characters, they’re pretty cool.

    I just don’t like the fact that they’re neglecting the old characters…blegh.

  • Scott Tyler

    I agree with everything above — except that I think Boston Legal should be included among the best. There are a lot of great shows on now — but none that have the really thoughtful commentary on our society. Along with that the Shatner- Spader combo has to be one of the on TV.

  • Linda B.

    I agree w/ you about Hank’s daughter on Californication. I find her extremely irritating. Was she really the best actress that audtioned for the role? I think maybe someone was calling in a favor, or she’s a producers daughter or something. How else can you explain why they hired her.