My Take on TV: NIP/TUCK Season 5 Preview

nip tuck season 5 preview

When Nip/Tuck premiered on FX 5 seasons ago, I was immediately hooked. In love with the totally over the top way it approached every subject. It’s crazy, sure, but I always found some way to relate. These characters, as much as they sometimes hate each other, love each other to the core, and prove that they would do anything for each other. And the story lines in the beginning? Sure, they were nuts, but at the end of the day they were truly fabulous and ground breaking.However, I almost feel like the show lost its way a bit over the past few seasons. There was The Carver storyline, the Scientology storyline, the Julia falls for the nanny storyline (okay, that one was pretty awesome because I love Peter Dinklage). It hasn’t been as grounded in truth as it was in the beginning.I’m thrilled beyond belief to let you all know that Season 5 is back on track.

The first two episodes had me laughing, rolling my eyes, loving every minute of what I was watching. I’m usually not a big fan of guest stars, but wow. Two episodes in and we’ve got the best of the best.

Lauren Hutton – she plays Fiona, Sean and Christian’s new super expensive Publicist.

Daphne Zuniga – she plays Carly Summers, an aging movie star, that Christian screws and screws over (go figure).

Bradley Cooper – if anyone plays over the top, it’s him. He plays Aidan Stone, star of the show-within-a-show Hearts and Scalpels. He does overacting like nobody’s business, and I mean that in the best way!

Paula Marshall – one of my favorites in the entire universe (you all remember Cupid, right?), she’s playing the antagonist, on screen and off, of Bradley’s character. She’s starting a little something with our boy Sean, and I love it! She’s a little crazy, too, and I love that as well!

Oliver Platt – he’s playing an extreme version of what I can only imagine is Ryan Murphy and Marc Cherry all rolled into one. It’s a really great role for him.Jennifer Collidge – She is one of my favorite Christopher Guest cast mates. She’s funny in anything, and this is no different. She takes a one-off role and turns it into something amazing.

Portia DiRossi – Does she need any introduction? The lady that was Lindsay Bluth Funke and is currently Ellen’s better half.

If guest stars aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of action with the main cast. Christian and Sean are at odds because for once in their life, McNamara is getting the action and Troy is pushed to the side. Sean has a great new job as the consultant to Hearts and Scalpels, while Christian is learning the hard way that he’s never going to be the new face in town.

Julia is back in town to surprise Sean and Christian with her new love. Not only is the fact that she’s got someone new a surprise. Who it is is much more surprising to our favorite surgeons. Portia’s not on the show for surgical reasons. She’s Julia’s new love interest and it blows everyone’s mind.Liz is still around and kicking, being the strong sassy woman she used to be, before the stolen kidney, the controlling Alanis Morrisette situation, and just about everything she’s dealt with over the past few seasons.

Still not doing it for you? Episode 1, we get Julian McMahon’s naked behind (as has become the norm). In episode two, we get almost the full monty as Christian decides it’s a good time to get down to his leopard print skivvies. And then? He takes them off and poses for a nude photo shoot. It’s FX, not Showtime or HBO, so we don’t see it all, but there’s not much left to the imagination.

Even if you haven’t ever watched the show before, the fact that these guys are starting over in a new city means that you’ve are starting the LA journey with them and shouldn’t have any trouble understanding them!

Do yourself a favor and tune in Tuesday night at 10 on FX for the premiere. I guarantee you’ll be entertained! In the coming weeks, look for John Hensley and Kelly Carlson (Matt and Kimber) to appear back on the scene. Oh, and John Schneider (Oh Papa Kent) appears as a porn kingpin, so that’s something crazy and fabulous to look forward to. Let us know what you think about the premiere! Feedback is welcome at Look for me on Twitter – Find me on AIM as mytakeontv!

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    Nip/Tuck is the sexiest show ever made =]