Joss Whedon Returns to Television

How’s this for a Halloween Treat? TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello is reporting that Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon are re-teaming for a new FOX series tentatively set to premiere as early as April. Titled DOLLHOUSE, the new series will follow Echo [Dushku] — a young woman who can have any personality except her own. Elaborates Ausiello, “Dushku’s Echo can be given new memories, skills and even personalities, then stripped of them just as quickly.”

Now I know what you’re thinking. Cool concept! Eliza Dushku! Joss Whedon! How long until FOX cancels DOLLHOUSE? Well rest assured, FOX has already given the show a seven episode commitment. Notes Whedon, “I told FOX I was interested in writing a pilot, and they gave me seven episodes. They’ve already shown more support for it than I have.” Echos Dushku [pun intended!], “I really get the sense that FOX is committed to [this show]… It feels right.”

Here’s hoping it ‘feels’ better than Dushku’s last FOX show TRU CALLING. In addition to the network’s legendary lineup of brilliant but cancelled shows. [See: DRIVE, FIREFLY and WONDERFALLS to name a few.]

Prove us wrong FOX… Prove us wrong.

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  • Jay

    Awesome!! 2gether again! Still 7 episodes is good but we all know Fox. hOPEFULLY IT’S A HIT!

  • I would be happier had this show been picked-up by a more reliable network (Did Firefly teach any lessons?). I think this show would be PERFECT for FX, and it would allow Whedon to go a little further than he could with Buffy. Besides that, I’m thrilled. Leave this one alone Fox. Please. Pretty Please. PLEASE give it a chance.

  • OMG. I’m SOOOOO excited! Joss and Eliza back together again? *squeeeee* I love all of Joss’s work and Eliza is a gorgeous, amazingly talented, fun actress to watch. My husband and I both can’t wait!

  • CC

    Hey I liked Tru Calling lol
    Well I hope the network is more supportive than in the past.

  • tdot

    I was just Visiting Tv guide, and saw this on the front page. SO excited!

    -AND when is the next PODCAST WITH ARIE……we want some slam poetry!

  • I agree with Aleks…. Would have much rather seen this on FX or even the CW… For FOX you will have to combine what Tru Calling and Buffy did in terms of viewers to get the 8M the show will need to survive…. If memory serves Tru was about 4.5M an ep and Buffy ran in the sub 4M range for most of its run.

    To avoid the FOX curse like Drive Joss needs to just cast better. Drive was fantastic on paper and they did such a terrible job of casting the show it never got a chance. It will be important for Joss to cast outside the Joss universe…

  • Sheindie

    I would think that since Kevin Reilly (formerly of NBC and a ‘good guy’) is now at Fox .. wonderful shows will be a staple of this network

  • Matt

    I’m going to pretend Drive and great show were not mentioned in the same sentance!

  • Amy

    This has made my year – only yesterday was I complaining to friends about Joss not being involved in television (other than tonight’s Office) anymore. And having Eliza and Tim Minnear involved just makes it SO much better.

    Unfortunately Joss + Eliza + Tim + Fox does seem worryingly like a recipe for cancellation. *praying I’m wrong*

  • Common Sense

    Oh puh-leeze. Just because FOCKS has given a “commitment,” that means as much as my last stepmommy’s marriage. Remember, they made either 6 or 8 episodes of STILL LIFE with the amazing Jensen Ackles, and never aired a single episode. FOCKS, your rep precedes you, and it SUCKS.

    I liked Tru Calling, too. Matt Bomer rocks. Why can’t The CW lure Joss and Co. into their universe? Maybe he can do something with Sunday nights.

  • SimplyKimberly

    The hellmouth has frozen over!

    :dance of geeky joy:

    My mind is still reeling with the wonderfulness of this news. I am going to ignore the network involved for now and just bask in the joy that a Whedon driven television show is once more!

  • shanna

    I echo (pun intended) the scariness of this show premiering on FOX (which I’ve pretty much given up on) but hopefully this won’t go the way of other shows and turn into an excuse to show more repeats of House.

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