Last Minute Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts

Thanks to Sunday’s fantastic ABC lineup, Thursday’s comedy night done right and everything in between, this TV Addict knows all to well how hard it is to make time for the ‘little things’ in life. After-all, if anyone understands how hard it is to squeeze hours upon hours of television watching among work, school, friends and family it’s us.

Thankfully, is here to help. Tonight — in case you missed last night’s episode of BONES — is Halloween. And in the off chance you forgot to think of a suitable costume, the TV Addict will be offering up some brilliant quick-and-easy ideas throughout the day. Got any great costume ideas to share? Help out your fellow TV Addicts and post in the comments below.

Today’s first last minute Halloween costume is the perfect costume for fans of SUPERNATURAL.

halloween costume

[11:32AM Costume Update] Fan of LOST? your costume’s easy!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts

[2:08PM Costume Update] Want to go ‘UGLY’ for Halloween? Hollywood’s trick is easy. Just add glasses!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts

  • Jay

    LOL, Love your ideas!! Poor Jin. I’ll be one of them girls running after Sam lol It’s funny you said that cause I’m 2 cheap 2 buy a costume, so I decided 2 go as a Supernatural hunter. I got my fake bloody knife, fake gun and my Superntural shirt!

  • SuperChris

    Get a black Hat, black trench, black pants, black shoes and walk around pointing your finger at people….instant Sylar.

  • Ha, that Christopher Gorham one cracks me up.

  • Amanda (MysticKitty512)

    HAHAHA!!! Oh man, any guy who looked like Jared/Sam could have me following them around screaming FREE OF CHARGE!!! LOL. He’d probably have to pay me to STOP! And there’s no guarantee that I would…LOL.

    I was a zombie this year (we had our TorT already in my town), definitely not a last-minute costume – had some fake skin, powdered myself white and blue to appear bloodless, dirt all over my tattered clothes, and even a fake cemetery setup, LOL! (I like to go all-out) It was Supernatural-inspired though, as was last year’s – Bloody Mary! So…now that I’ve already done my thing for this year, following the Jared/Sam lookalike around sounds like a plan for tonight! LOL.

  • I’d love to chase Jensen Ackles around without his shirt or jacket on. =) LOL It’d be super natural for me. Trick or Treat!
    Love the LOST outfits. How about an orange jumpsuit for whatever celebrity you most look like or want to impersonate? Who hasn’t been to jail this year? Or rehab?