The TV Addict Asks: Why Was HEROES: ORIGINS Really Cancelled

Today, NBC announced that as a result of the looming writer’s strike, the peacock network is pulling the plug on the much-hyped HEROES spin-off ORIGINS. ORIGINS, set to fill the void between April and May Sweeps was going to introduce one new hero a week with the help of a few Hollywood heavyweights such as Kevin Smith, Eli Roth and Michael Dougherty.

Naturally, the surprise and sudden cancellation of one pretty exciting idea begs the question. Is the writer’s strike really responsible for the cancellation of ORIGINS. Or simply a convenient excuse to hide the fact that HEROES has seriously underperformed both creatively and more importantly in the ratings this season.

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  • ewanspotter

    No! I’m sure NBC would *never* do anything like *that*. >.>

  • Ha, I love how you’re as optimistic/cynical as I am. thats the ONLY thing I thought as I first read about it!

  • Josh Emerson

    Wow. I’ll just say I’m glad I’m not that cynical. That would really suck. Why do you feel the need to look for “alternate” reasons?

    Heroes has lost some viewers but is still one of NBC’s top shows in the ratings. They’ve got L&O, Football, and then Heroes.

  • Shane

    It just makes sense that they wouldn’t go through with this Origins when Heroes itself isn’t performing that well.

    I hope the Heroes creative team learns from this and realize that as much as its important to stay true to your own artistic vision. It is equally as important to make sure you’re appealing to the people that made you a success to begin with.

    Clearly something is off with this season and the ratings reflect this.

  • vert

    “t just makes sense that they wouldn’t go through with this Origins when Heroes itself isn’t performing that well.”

    It doesn’t makes sense, cause the “not performing well” means Heroes is still the top 18-49 NBC show.

  • tw111

    ….because we just soooo did not care, that’s why. Leave the past alone …we got the idea in about ten minutes, we’re all okay with it…..and ratchet up the story that’s happening NOW.

  • ctuagentdown

    the 60million dollar girl has under performed it’s still going this is the network with not many winners and most of their winners is the new stuff hell they should debut a new show everyweek and hopes it can be another heroes but we can always wait for another snl reunion show

  • Heroes is awesome this season. Why or why do they do this to me? And now the strike!!!!!!!! I mightv actually see daylight this year or the next.

  • Kathy

    I agree that this season is not up to last year’s standards. The episodes they are showing now should have been shown at the beginning. Too much introducing of new characters when we wanted to know what happened to the ones we already knew and loved or hated. The driving, driving, driving with Sylar and the twins became yawnfully boring. The whole Monica thing was just not interesting when my mind was on what the hell happened from last year. I am also tried of Sylar…I thought his storyline was played out and I do not want to watch a whole season of him killing people/Heroes again.
    I agree with Shane. The writers have went out on a limb and way off track from what made Heroes a hit last season. There was an apology published from the writers. They have realized their mistake; I just hope it isn’t too late. I love Heroes and I moderate at a forum. However, I was disillusioned this year and found the beginning episodes very tedious to watch.