You Be The Critic: Wednesday Night TV

I’ve discovered the secret to watching PUSHING DAISIES. Pay attention.

No…. not to me… ‘paying attention’ is the secret.

It’s become apparent that DAISIES isn’t the type of the show that you can watch while making dinner, checking your email and attempting to teach your dog to be more like Digby. Thanks to its brilliant visuals, lighting fast — often double-entendre laden dialogue and a cast so popular likable you can’t help but fall in love with them. DAISIES is most definitely a show that demands your full attention.

Which is exactly what I gave it last night and why I’m proud to say that I’m officially back on the DAISIES bandwagon. The magical moment at the end of the episode, where Chuck went up to her two aunt’s house hidden behind a Halloween Costume. That’s why PVR’s were invented.

The same can’t be said for ABC’s snooze inducing installment of PRIVATE PRACTICE. Let’s just say, that unlike DAISIES, I’ve already emotionally checked myself out of Oceanside Medical. With the one caveat being, I’m physically sticking around until David Sutcliffe makes his first appearance. Hoping that he’ll inject a little Stars Hollow magic into this floundering practice.

And finally. when it comes to DIRTY SEXY MONEY, this TV Addict is curious. Curious as to Simon Elder’s true motivations, who really killed Dutch and most importantly — how I just learned about this fantastic Pancake secret! Who says television doesn’t teach you anything.

  • SuperChris

    I agree with what you said about Pushing Daisies. You have to really listen to the dialog. There are little jokes and comments that are interwoven in it, that if you’re only half listening you will miss. It’s one of the few shows that I will sit down and watch without other distractions. And having it saved is always a good thing so you can go back and watch it again.

  • Dominique

    See, I am still not sold on the idea of Pushing Daisies …. Oh I watch but I never watch it alive or almost never. I feel like this show will come to a point a and they will ask “where do we go from here”. The idea is brillant but I don’t think there is much they can do with it after some times. That said, I am still watching and I am not ready to give up. I feel like Pushing Daisies is my Heroes of this season where I ask myself “am I the only one that doesn’t think it is THAT GREAT?”.

    Then you have Private Practice which I just love. This is light, funny, entertaining, etc. Maybe not as original as Pushing Daisies but I love Private Practice and I never miss one episode … I actually hate having a class that night because I cannot watch it live. Of course it helps that Addison was my fave on Grey’s Anatomy. I love seeing that character happy and I love the entire cast of Private Practice.

  • Dominique,

    I LOVED Addison on GREY’S because you could root for her. The problem I’m finding with PRIVATE PRACTICE is that I can’t relate/ nor do I sympathize for any of these wealthy beautiful doctors who live on gorgeous ocean view homes!

    Frankly, I think PRIVATE PRACTICE’S biggest mistake was casting big name actors around Addison. Outside of relative small name Paul Adelstein (who’s fantastic)…. how much sympathy do I feel for Tim Daly, Broadway Star Audra McDonald, Judging Amy Brenneman.. well you get the idea.

  • Dominique

    Oh I see your point TVaddict … For me, I still can relate in some way to Addison so I still care and root for her. I am not sold on the idea of Addison with Tim Daly’s character but I relate to her character while I don’t live near the Pacific Ocean (though I wish).

    I think casting big name actors to work with Kate Walsh was actually a good idea. I think it makes this show more of an ensemble show. For me, it means that Private Practice is not just about Kate but the rest of the cast also which mean I don’t get angry if Addison is not part of every stories and scenes.

    Private Practice is for me old school Grey’s Anatomy a show that I used to love but not anymore. Grey’s lost its heart that I found in Private Practice.

    I am also in love with Paul Adelstein so I would follow him anywhere on TVland! The guy is fantastic.

  • CC

    I actually have no problem with the casting of big name actors around Addison for Private Practice. Though, I’m not really clicking with the young guy and tay digg’s character. The rest I like fine. Though I suppose if they were unknowns it would be more interesting? What I dont like about the show is that Addison is just a whiney Ally Mcbeal character which is annoying. She had so much more presence and power about her when she was on Greys. Other than that, I thought last night’s episode was actually one of the better ones.

    And nothing but love love love for Pushing Daises<3

  • PP: Call me when David shows up.

    I dont mind the big names but what I do mind is the dumbing down of Addison (or any of the female characters at this point). The only decently written character at this point is Paul Adelsteins and I’m not even sure it’s well written, it may be just his charisma that is getting through the screen.

    As for PD. It certainly required full attention yet it doesn’t feel like it’s work. Just total euphoria for the brain (and heart).

  • Matt

    I’m i the only one who never ever plans on watching Private Practice?

  • *showtime

    that pancake thing in DSM was genius!
    I’m definitely trying that the next time I eat pancakes
    I think Pushing Daisies is brilliant and plus i love Chi ever since Boston Public.
    I watch Private Practice because Paul Adelstein is no longer killing people but rather saving them. I loved Chris Lowell in Life As We Know It but as Dell in Private Practice I’m not to sure…TV Addict, I heard that the ratings for Dirty Sexy Money are lacking, do you think it will get cancelled?