Betty Does Broadway

Did I love last night’s extended commercial for WICKED UGLY BETTY Broadway Adventure? Absolutely. Did it bother me that as a slightly obsessed fan of WICKED, the show tried to pass off LA’s Pantages theatre for New York’s Gershwin? A little bit. Was I mortified by the wicked example Betty and Henry set for theatergoer/cellphone users everywhere? You bet.

But putting aside my Justin level theatre nerd tendencies. Last night’s UGLY BETTY yet again had me laughing out loud thanks to Wili’s attempt to gain 6 pounds [“Find out what Betty is having for lunch and order me two.!”]. Marc’s endless one liners [“Wilhelmina treats all white people like slaves. Something about payback.”] and Daniel’s reaction to when Betty assumes he’s going to ‘off’ Henry [“Why do you always go there with my family?”]

That said, is anyone else thinking Betty and Gio are a far cooler couple than Betty and Henry? I wonder who she’s going to end up taking to Wili’s wedding next week?

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  • I don’t think Betty is invited to the wedding, which is why you see her burst in during the promo.

  • Oops, I totally missed the promo! My bad.

  • Josh Emerson

    Nope, I really prefer Betty and Henry. Gio just gets on my nerves.

    I didn’t care for any of the Wicked stuff added into the show. I thought it seemed like a time waster. It’s one thing to send them there, but including various performances from the show was just bad.

  • Josh C,

    I thought last nights episode was fantastic. This show continues to impress me with its whitty dialogue and just-too-cute moments. I love marc and his boyfriend and henry and betty together can only get better (before her heart breaks). The wicked references in last nights episode really made it top notch. I loved at the end when defying gravity was pl aying when she went to his apt. and when I’m not that girl played and she was by herself in the lobby. Top quality im telling you!

    PS. when did it become ok for Daniel to become this moral authority on situations. He has no reason to judge Betty

  • shanna

    I didn’t see it as Daniel judging Betty so much as him not understanding how she could be so impractical when she’s always his voice of reason.

    I agree about the Wicked moments adding to the show. Because UB is so campy it fit in perfectly in my opinion. The whole ep was great though the real magic of the ep happened with the Wili/Marc/Amanda moments for me.