The TV Addict Puts his Title on the Line

inside the box

Next week is TV Authorities week on TVTropolis’ signature game show INSIDE THE BOX. And much to my surprise, this TV Addict was asked to take part. 

Be sure to tune in on Tuesday November 6th at 6PM & 9PM when the TV Addict faces off against Steve Nyczyk [] and Murtz Jaffer [] for up to $10,000 in cold hard cash [for our favorite charity].

Does the TV Addict live up to his self-proclaimed status as TV know-it-all? Or does he embarrass himself in front of millions of viewers? Find out on Monday and wish me luck!

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  • Fantastic!!! Go Daniel….big money, big money, big money.

  • That’s AWESOME! Have fun and good luck! 😀 Hopefully you’ll get a Criminal Minds question. *laugh* 😉

  • Holy Frak Daniel, this is so cool. I want to live in Canada! If you need a life-line or something just give me a shout.

  • Jennifer

    Go Dan! and not to worry about your tv knowledge………..your years and years of dedicated tv watchmanship, to the exclusion of all other forms of entertainment (who needs reading), will no doubt lead you to victory…:.)

  • Ha! That’s great, I love that show. Way to go Daniel! Are you testing yourself by playing the online version? I find it’s harder than when you watch on TV. Good luck.