It’s Official: Writers Strike on Monday

Giving new meaning to the phrase “Black Friday”, Variety is reporting this afternoon that The Writers Guild of America has announced that its 12,000 members will go on strike Monday against studios and networks.

The strike officially begins at 12:01 a.m. This TV Addict begins mourning now.

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  • In the “silver lining” category:

  • Hilary

    I am paying for cable but I am going to get crap for a few months. Shouldn’t we get some kind of discount? I guess I’ll catch up on TV box sets…ugg. There is always Netflix. *snatching at straws*

  • studios and producers should stop being GREEDY

  • Jay

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Crying*

  • Josh Emerson

    They need to give the writers the money they deserve or they’re going to lose millions of dollars. And viewers. I just don’t get it. Ratings are already down so much, what do they think a strike will do? They’ll lose more money from that than they will if they just cough up the money.

    It really sucks that Heroes is actually prepping a season finale. What happens if they air it and then the strike ends soon after?

  • aliounknown

    Will Dexter be affected by the strike ?

  • Linda B.

    Dexter ends its season in December, so i doubt it will be affected. Only way it could be affected is if the strike goes on for months and months and there is a delay in getting season 3 off the ground.