The Writer’s Strike For Dummies

wga for dummies

If the writer’s go on strike in the coming days, what happens to [insert my favorite show] here?
Thankfully, the strike will have little effect on the remaining 2007 television season. November sweeps will continue as planned, with December filling out with your regular mix of Holiday specials and reruns. The problem starts in the new year. When shows run out of completed scripts and programs.

If the strike continues for an extended period, what will networks air?
Expect a lot of reality television and game shows, which don’t traditionally rely on the written word [shocking, I know!]. Other possibilities should the strike continue into the new year include networks running British shows [ie. Ricky Gervais’ version of THE OFFICE], cable shows [NBC could run cable shows within the NBC Universal family — BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, MONK] and of course sports.

Why is the Writer’s Guild of America going on strike
The short answer — Money. The longer answer involves me spelling out over two dozen contentious issues, the most important of which include:
1. The Home Video Market. WGA members want a larger share of the profits from the booming DVD market.
2. The New Media Market. Currently WGA members are not compensated properly for their work in the digital world. The WGA would like a larger share of the developing digital downloads, online streaming and cell phone video markets.

What’s going to happen to
Rest assured, this TV Addict isn’t going anywhere and will endeavor to inform you on all the latest strike related developments. The only difference being that I’ll be doing so drunk! No LOST, BROTHERS & SISTERS, 30 ROCK and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER means more time with an old friend… Jack Daniel’s.

But seriously, if you have anymore questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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  • sorry for my ignorance, who is jack daniels?

    The studios should give in to the writer’s demand, do not be greedy!!!!

  • imperiousdork — jack daniel’s is a famous brand of whiskey!

  • I support the writers, I dont like the strike but I understand what they are fighting for.

    They deserve to have a share of dvd/new media sales of the shows they wrote/

  • Oh reliable Jack!

    Anyways. I have posted anything cause Im in denial about the whole thing. Think positive (picture Pooh thinking with his paw) Think Positive!

    but yes, I actually do support what they are fighting for…

    on the other hand, since no one can stand sitting through commercials anymore and some aren’t willing to pay for “free” TV (ahem)… there’s going to be some need for a major overhaul of how entertainment gets distributed.

  • And don’t forget the 7 episodes of Jericho already done! Get a ton new viewers and hopefully it’ll be picked up for after the strike. 😀 heh

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  • tdot

    SO with no Tv News, Will You please bring Arie back for a PODCAST. We all want some Slam Poetry!

    I really hope this doesnt last longer than Jan. Iam SO sad…

  • Mel

    Oh dear. Part of me hopes that SAG does the solidarity thing and everything just stops — the longer they can limp along the longer the studios will drag it out – hoping to break the strike.
    The federal mediator called a meeting for Sunday AM — maybe a miracle will happen . . . . . . . .
    Can you find out where all our favs are with regard to completed eppies and work stoppage and such?
    I know it might be in the bible but you’re more fun . . . . and you understand our pain.

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  • Connie

    Is the WGA an international union? Are there only members in the US on strike or are there some working in Canada and walking picket lines as well? I am a long time active trade unionist but have been out of touch of late due to particular circumstances. Monetary fights are hard to win but I wish the WGA a strong membership base to get their fair share. Does the WGA have a website of their own?
    Thanks for simplifying things, TV addict and any friend of Jack’s is a friend of mine 😉

  • Writer chick

    After doing a little homework on the subject (and being a writer, though not the TV type), I believe that the writers are justified in some of their demands such as profit sharing from DVDs, digital media, etc. BUT I think they over slightly overreaching by demanding that reality shows be unionized. This could have many unforeseen effects…perhaps this should be an item that the writers use to bargain.

  • We heard nothing about this in the UK until problems with Prison Break (no more until Jan 21st).

    From what I’ve read, I have to say that I agree that writers deserve a share of revenue made by their writing, though I say this as a writer. Some may say they have gone into overkill, but if they weren’t so tough, the studios would just keep things going until the writers gave in.

    In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with watching some British TV, tere’s some great stuff out there.