WGA Strike Update: One Last Chance for Peace

In a last-ditch attempt to avert a strike, Variety is reporting that the Writers Guild of America will return to the negotiating table Sunday morning to meet with studios and networks. Here’s hoping both sides come to their senses and work out a fair and equitable deal.

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  • ewanspotter

    *crosses fingers*

  • t_dot

    PLZ come to peace. without TV i dunno what ill do. (its sad i know)

    Come on WGA and Studios. reach a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SuperChris

    *Crosses fingers, toes and whatever else* please please please resolve this.

  • It’s sort of embarrassing at this point.. If you don’t meet our demands we will strike on Thursday… well now we are going to wait till Friday… and now it’s Monday. The WGA played chicken with the AMPTP and AMPTP never blinked. Everything I have read leads me to believe everyone but the writers wants this strike because they can reboot the whole system. If 90% of the WGA voted to strike they should have started this strike at 12:01AM on Nov 1st.

  • plinstrot

    Seat42f: (aren’t you from the 24 and WWK forums who won some trip to London?)

    Writers weren’t delaying the strike. On Thursday they had to meet to vote on when to strike, and on Friday the WGA leaders had to meet and decide when the strike would start. the WGA has 2 weapons: Striking and the threat of a strike. as soon as they start the strike then they only have one strike left. By starting on Monday they stand to get the most press because cameras and people going to work can come out and be exposed to what they are doing.

    Still no one (truly) wants the strike, and so by waiting through the weekend they not only give a chance for last minute negotiations, but also for strikers to get there things in order (like rewrite the end of a heroes episode so it can be a finale).

  • Yep.. I won the 24 trip 🙂

    I have heard that a LOT of the industry wants the strike and depending on the individual contract somewhere between 6-8 weeks the AMPTP side can void every bloated writers contract. That seems to be their goal in this. They are in a win win. If the writers cave they dont spend any extra money. If they strike they can wait till it gets past 8 weeks.

    Plus the AMPTP has history on their side. in 88 the top dogs basically went the to the Union and said… settle this or we are walking. 3 years ago the WGA caved on DVDs in favor of benefits and now they want more in the DVD and the AMPTP knows the same people caved 3 years ago. The same thing will happen here. The avg working writer makes 210K a year. At some point the brotherhood of the elite writers supporting the majority of the writers who aren’t working will break down…

    I am by no means on either side of this. I know people on both sides and I truly wouldn’t want to be in their shows…

    As far as more press… I guess I don’t get that. Nothing will change no matter how many cameras show up. Either the WGA will cave or the AMPTP will let this carry on for months. They aren’t in any rush…

    Think about it… Everybody Hates Chris already wrapped for the year, Las Vegas and L&O SVU are done, all the cartoons on FOX Sunday are basically done, DWTS,American Idol,Survivor, SYTYCD, Extreme Makeover,Big Brother, Deal Or No Deal,5th Grader,Biggest Loser etc etc are all immune from this strike.

    Lost can play for two months minimum without any strike problems…. 24 can go half season… There are a bunch of shows with half seasons filmed like Miss Guided, Eli Stone, Medium, law and order, new amersterdam and a bunch of other new shows..

    heroes will end in December and other shows like Greys and DH can make it through Feb sweeps…

    Bottom line… the cupboard is far from bare and I’d guess network tv could go in Feb without too much loss in new shows…

    My thinking is the strike is happening.. why not start the clock… why wait for the cameras? Not to mention the writers are giving the TV gurus all the ammo to throw even more reality crap at us… and people will watch…..

    I don’t blame the writers.. I blame the system….. Bottom line though.. it’s like my parents are going through a divorce and they are arguing about who gets what from a dollar bill on the table… all the while I want to know who wants custody of me!!!!!!

    No matter which side you are on in this the collateral damage is fans of scripted tv… When we emerge from this strike there will be even less scripted tv on because some of this new reality stuff will resonate with viewers…

  • Hilary

    I am 100% sure I will be turning off the TV instead of watching unscripted stuff. If you think the networks have options I’ve got them too. Catching up on decades of TV through Netflix box sets, sports, and new stuff from Canada, England, Japan and the rest of the world. I’ve got options.

  • Sheindie

    I support the writers.. this is a new age..what with DVDs and all the new media and mediums.. I hope the Producers et al come to their senses, give the writers what they truly deserve in this ‘new’ age and avert the strike. (just my opinion) – Sheindie

  • Sheindie

    I support the writers.. this is a new age..what with DVDs and all the new media and mediums.. I hope the Producers et al come to their senses, give the writers what they truly deserve in this ‘new’ age and avert the strike. (just my opinion) – Sheindie