Dexter: Dex, Lies and Videotape


Dexter Morgan may be a lot of things. But following tonight’s phenomenal episode, there’s one thing we’re sure he’s not — a television fan.

If he was, he would have certainly uttered the five magic words in order to save his relationship with Rita.

“We were on a break!”

That said, we’ll forgive Dexter for forgetting one of the most infamous FRIENDS references ever. After-all, between his burgeoning relationship with the world’s hottest AA sponsor [the mysterious Lila] to his far more important job of staying one step ahead of Doakes, Lundy and the entire Miami Police squad, America’s favorite serial killer is one busy guy.

Which naturally begs the question. Who’s going to be the first to discover the truth about Dexter’s extra curricular activities? While Lundy seems to be inching closer and closer, with Doakes right behind, this TV Addict’s money is on Deb. Not only does she need to make up for the fact she practically married the Ice Truck Killer, it will make for a far more interesting story if Deb has to decide whether or not to turn on her own brother.

Got a guess, post away.

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  • Sheindie

    ..just discovered this show and it’s my fave..engrossing, witty, ..grabs you and doesn’t let go.. and it’s on often so it’s like I have a DVD of it and keep on watching..So glad it’s on Showtime, ‘cuz with ‘regular’ t.v., it’d get cancelled! I’m happy it’s on.

  • CC

    I do hope its Deb, it would be more interesting that way.
    I wonder whats going to happen with Rita now?

  • allie

    That’s so funny, because as soon as Dex ‘admitted’ he’d slept with Lila I began yelling at him to tell Rita it happened when they were on a break, which is werid because in Friends I was on Rachel’s side but here I’m on Dex’s side.

    I love this show sooo much. Angry Dex was brilliant. It was great to see him show some honest human traits. The anger he showed towards Lila and him dealing with it by admitting his attraction to her was some brilliant acting and it was a great step for Dex.

    Personally I don’t want anyone to figure out Dex is the Bay Harbour Butcher, but if someone has to I hope it is Deb, although I’m slightly concerned her jealously may lead her to turn him in. Argghhh this show is soooo good!!!!

  • Beth

    LOVE this show. I personally think that Lila is going to find out about Dexter and he is going to be forced to kill her. She will be horrified and he’ll be let down that she freaks out on him.

  • Linda B.

    He can’t kill Lila though, unless he finds out she killed someone. She’d be his first “innocent” victim. I can’t see him going against the code Harry instilled in him. But, he is kinda mad at Harry now, so who knows.

  • Sandi

    I think that Dex (through the 12 step program) will reveal to Lila that who he really is. She’ll reveal who she really is, too. I bet she’s killed before, but not for good reasons. He’ll have to kill her.

    I think he’ll find out that Harry was his real father and he will begin to trust and live by “the code” again.

    I also believe that Deb will find out around the same time and they’ll have to work out some arrangment where she approves all his killings.

    OR the FBI dude will find out and he’ll leave Dex along and “fix” the investigation, because of the respect he has for the “superior” Morgan.

  • Joe

    Harry cannto be Dexter’s real father. Remember last season when Dexter flashed back to having a blood transfusion when he was young? Harry had to track down Dexter’s real father to get the blood. If Harry were really Dexter’s father, he would have simply given the blood himself.

  • Frankie

    I love this show. It’s so darn good. An oasis in a dessert of reality shows.

    Here’s what I think is going to happen:

    I think Dex is going to frame Doakes. He’s already making himself suspicious: there’s the shootings, and him “stalking” Dex. It’s all going to make him look like he’s the Butcher.

    I think Dex is going to find out that Lila is a killer too. I think it’ll be something along the lines of that she sponsers men and then once they “get better” she kills them or something along those lines. I think Dexter is going to be forced to kill her and because she is a murderer, it will not go against his code. Either that or she will try to harm Rita or the kids. He’d kill her in a heartbeat if she tried that. I don’t think she has told Dexter the truth. It’s obvious she’s been trying to manipulate him.

    If anyone finds out first, I think it will be Deb. It would just be too interesting to see what she’ll do.

    Having so many people like this show restores my faith in the world. LOL

  • LT

    Didn’t Dexter find out who is “bio dad” was last season when the guy died and left him his house?

  • Daniel

    Maybe Lila is an undercover agent?? wouldn’t that put a twist on it?

  • EvilDave

    Any word on how the strike will affect Dexter?

  • freebird

    Dex will kill Lila because she is a killer herself. She’s the type to fall for some guy and when he gets tired of her she sets him on fire. I think she senses that Dex is a killer and that is why she is attracted to him. Personally myself, I can’t wait for her character to be killed off because I’ve never liked her from the beginning. As for finding out Dex is the Bay Harbor Butcher, I think the FBI guy already knows who he is and was a friend of Harry’s and is there to protect Dex.