Week in Rewind

Who’d have thought the man responsible for bringing the funny back to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE would be esteemed NBC News anchor Brian Williams. From his on-the-nose opening monologue to his surprisingly excellent impersonation of a New York firefighter — Williams was all class. And more importantly, ensured SNL’s final pre-strike installment was one to remember.

Forget the rumored OFFICE spin-off and the continuously disappointing PRIVATE PRACTICE. Following Thursday’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY, the spin-off this TV Addict is hankering for is called THE BOY’S CLUB. Starring the far more entertaining and slightly more mature generation of Seattle Grace Doctors.

Just imagine. McDreamy, McSteamy, Dr. Hahn and the Chief without the incessant whining of Meredith Grey and the nauseating Gizzie relationship. That’s 50 cc’s of awesome. [As I pretend to know exactly what a ‘cc’ is]

First I missed the ending of SAMANTHA WHO because ABC decided to run it past 10PM. Next the ending of Thursday’s GREY’S ANATOMY. ABC take note. Making your shows run long isn’t going to fool me into watching the dreadfully disappointing BIG SHOTS or whatever follows SAMANTHA WHO. It’s simply going to make me mad. Do you really want an angry TV Addict?

If you’re not watching Michael C. Hall take television’s most delicious character to new depths, you’re missing out on one of the best performances of the season. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Tune into a brand new episode of DEXTER tonight at 9PM on Showtime. Rumor has it that an angry DEXTER is almost as bad as an angry TV Addict!

  • Josh Emerson

    SNL was hilarious last night. Maybe I liked it more because of how effing awful MadTV was, but it was a great episode. Brian Williams did well, although my favorite thing of the night was the opening.

  • Agreed. The opening sketch was the best of the season.

  • Aileen

    “The Boy’s Club” spin-off would need to have Bailey and Addison in the cast. With Dr. Hahn (frankly, I could take her or leave her), that would be a 50/50 split, I know, so less of an actual “boy’s club” but way more awesome.

  • nctodc

    Color me surprised. I thought last night’s episode of SNL was another in a long stretch of mediocre episodes this season. I was disappointed too because there’s so much potential for unanticipated funny with hosts like Brian Williams (remember when Al Gore hosted?).

    Thank goodness for Feist and the opening sketch at Hillary’s Halloween party…it salvaged the episode for me.

  • anja

    I totally join with your admiration of Michael C. Hall preformance. 2nd season of Dexter gets better and better every week. We all have the ONE show we wait the whole week for. This year I wait for Sunday.
    Sadly after Weeds gone there is not many other shows worth watching. Or it’s just me. I enjoy Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, The Office…. but that’s it. Heroes – boring, Grey’s – boring, Desperate Housewives – no comment. Not to mention new shows, spin-offs, all of them – BIG dissapointment.
    So thank you Showtime and Michael for saving me from TV depression.

  • I think everyone’s had enough of ABC running their shows long. Like you said, this is never going to get me to watch what you have on next. If anything it’s going to get me to watch your shows on a different channel that doesn’t run them long.

  • MplsTim

    Just heard an interview with Kevin Costner about his new movie. He plays a serial killer who goes to a 12th step group for his “killing addiction”. Sounds an aweful lot like the Dexter plot this season. Who stole from whom????????