Joanna’s Best & Worst of the Week

Best of the Week #1: THE OFFICE
The Finer Things Club. What an hilarious invention! And to think Pam would be involved in such a lame event, ha! I always claimed you couldn’t really tell that Oscar is gay, but I hereby revise my statement. This is definitely the gayest thing about…anyone, really. Phyllis and the microwave have excellent chemistry. It was great to see Jim getting verbally pounded on by Karen, for once he was at a loss for words. Actually, their whole trip to Karen’s branch was hilarious. For me it was another 21 minutes of non-stop laughter. And therefore, it’s definitely my number one of the week.

Best of the Week #2: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
Wow. I think Tyra found just the right words to crush Landry’s soul. She had to make sure he wouldn’t keep trying to get her back though. Still, that was brutal. Did anyone else think Jason Street was actually going to drown? I thought that for a second. But luckily, Riggins was convincing enough. He made some excellent points this episode. Kudos to Matt for telling both the coach and his daughter what he really thought. I was wondering if he was ever going to grow that backbone, and I’m glad he did. Another excellent installment of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, yes it was.

Best of the Week #3: HOUSE
Not to make up for my ‘Diss Fest’ last week, but this week’s HOUSE was good again. I’m glad Foreman came back and I’m also glad that they gave him a good reason to do so. Did I sense a slight amount of guilt in House there? The patient of the week was great as well, it’s the first one I’ve been interested in since the start of the season. For a moment there I was worried they would have another Munchausen’s patient – that would have been boring – but they didn’t go down that road. House and Cuddy being horrible to each other was a good laugh. The only thing I didn’t like is how it seems like the new brunette is Cameron’s replacement. Both as a doctor and House’s love interest. That, I don’t agree with.

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Worst of the Week #1: HEROES
Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get worse, it did. Yes, please end the season prematurely due to the writer’s strike. Put this season out of its misery. I don’t know what did me in this week, I simply can’t pinpoint it. It might have been the awful green screen effects. It could have been Hiro’s amazing tent map. Or maybe it was the fact that our blonde historic hero conveniently took a break from his battle to chat up his friends while said battle could still be heard in the background. What army was the enemy fighting if we are to believe their only opponent was Kensei? David Anders deserves better than this. Kristen Bell deserves better than this. Most of all, we deserve better than this.

Worst of the Week #2: CALIFORNICATION
During the episode I actually thought this wasn’t so bad. I liked the bitter, stoned pre-wedding chat Karen and Marci had. I liked Hank’s mature way of dealing with the wedding (at least he didn’t start the fight). But when Karen jumped into the convertible at the very end of this season finale, I thought that to be stupid. When they all started laughing about how she just destroyed someone’s life (even though we all hate Boring Bill), I couldn’t help but think that any person with a conscience wouldn’t just do that. Sure, it makes people laugh, but ultimately those twenty seconds wrapped up the season with a great lack of respect for the storyline they tried to shove down our throats this entire time.

Worst of the Week #3: GREY’S ANATOMY
I couldn’t possibly be more sick of Gizzie. There’s all this drama surrounding these two, and the funny thing is we already know it’s not going to end well for them. Because nobody cares. It’s universally known that Gizzie is neither liked nor tolerated. So please, do us all a favor and stop wasting airtime on this sinking ship. No, actually, this ship should never even have set sail. If it weren’t for the good comedy, I would have started boycotting GREY’S ANATOMY a while ago.

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  • Common Sense

    DIE, Heroes, DIE! I got so tired of people making lame comparisons to LOST. This D.O.A. show couldn’t carry LOST’s jockstrap. “Save the world,” indeed. ha ha.

  • Josh Emerson

    Heroes is still more entertaining than Lost. I’m so tired of people acting like that’s the best show in the history of the world and it should be worshiped daily or else. People need to get over themselves and realize that their tastes aren’t automatically superior to others.

    I also can’t believe you could call Grey’s Anatomy one of the worst of the week. That show has rebounded so much from last season. Obviously I despise George and Izzie’s relationship, but I’m not gonna let that ruin the rest of the show for me.

  • Not everybody hates Gizzie. I think they make a great pair. Much better than George and Callie.

  • Linda B.

    On Californication: I was overjoyed when Karen called out to Hank and said wait. She finally made up her mind (although a bit late), but knew Hank was the man of her dreams. I think she really wanted a lavish wedding, but was disappointed it didn’t come from him. After the day was over, and she got what she thought she wanted, she realized what she really wanted…and that was Hank. I loved it!

  • I’m with Jody! I don’t dislike George and Izzie together! I’m not against it at all! I prefer him with Izzie to Callie! But I do agree that Grey’s isn’t what it used to be!

  • nctodc

    Well, I agree with you, Joanna…Gizzie is painful. Shonda promised us this travesty of a love affair would not go on–someone please make it stop!