WGA Strike Watch: Sign Ideas

As expected, Sunday’s last minute negotiations in an effort to avert an inevitable WGA strike was an abject failure. Which means today, the Writer’s Guild of America is officially on strike.

Already, numerous famous faces such as Tina Fey [pictured left, courtesy of the fantastic LA TIMES strike blog] and the DAILY SHOW’S John Oliver can already be seen picketing outside 30 Rockefeller Centre in New York city.

The TV Addict’s only issue. The signs.

Shouldn’t a group of writers from THE DAILY SHOW, THE COLBERT REPORT, SNL and 30 ROCK be able to come up with a few signs that better reflect their creative brilliance and originality?

Was “On Strike” really the best they could do?

That said, we understand that the writers probably have more pressing issues on their minds β€” like how they’re going to deal with unemployment for the next few months.

With that in mind, the TV Addict is proud to present the first of what will no doubt be many new sign ideas for our intrepid WGA members [odds are we’ll have a few months of posts to fill when new television runs out in January.] Click the link below for our first WGA sign for LOST’S Damon Lindeloff and feel free to post your ideas below.

damon lindeloff strike

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