Exclusive Interview: BONES Star T.J. Thyne

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Back in September, this TV Addict nervously waited outside a room in Los Angeles’ Intercontinental Hotel for my first EVER press junket interview. BONES star T.J. Thyne was to be my first. And luckily, turned out to be one of the nicest people around.

The TV Addict: Just so you know, you’re my first face-to-face interview ever!

T.J. Thyne: I’m so honored to be your first!

You’ve been on so many of my favorite shows — THE OC, FRIENDS, 24, NIP/TUCK, JACK & BOBBY. Is it hard to play the same character all year long after so many years of different characters?

That’s an amazing first question to ask! It’s actually really trippy for me because to be completely honest, I’ve always resisted the whole ‘series regular’ thing. Over the years I’ve tested for so many shows and when I got to the studio test, I’d pull myself out thinking — I can’t spend 6 years on a show playing the same character, I can’t do it!

To me, the idea of playing different character in different genres was always what I wanted to do. But when BONES came along and the character of Jack Hodgins had so many different colours and opportunities, I took a risk for the first time. And I’m so glad I did. Jack’s got a lot of different layers, we’ve got an amazing cast, great writing and Hart Hanson is a genius in terms of being a showrunner.

That said, I do miss playing a lot of different characters, as well as film. I think cable guys have the best. Guys like Michael C. Hall get to play an amazing character [Dexter] and still have time to do film and everything like that. But if I had to be on a show on network television, I’m so thrilled that it’s this. I’m glad I never took anything before that would have prevented me from being on BONES.

Is there any show you regret bowing out of?

Nothing. I tested for THE OFFICE, a couple of roles. I’ve tested for a ton of sitcoms, a handful of one hours [dramas]. But no, nothing ever went that I was all that impressed or sad I didn’t take.

It’s hard though not being able to do go and do other things. I spent the hiatus and did 4 movies, small parts. But it was nice to jump back in. I played a 1940’s priest in the south, then a tattoed gun-totting drug dealer in LA and the voice of an Armadillo on a Nickelodeon show. As long as I can find time to squeeze in some parts here and there I think I can be happy playing Jack Hodgins for the rest of my life.

Having guest starred on ANGEL, was David Boreanaz a big reason you signed onto BONES?

David was great to work with on ANGEL. I played his lawyer for 4 episodes. I also worked with Michaela [Conlin] on MDs in addition to working with our producers on THE OC and 24.

Eric Milligan was really funny when I first met him. He said, “You’re that guy… the guy who’s been in everything. There’s a few people who’ve been in everything and you’re one of those guys.” Eric cracks me up.

The Jack and Angela relationship provide fans with a nice contrast to the will-the-or-won’t-they Booth and Brennan relationship. Can you talk a little bit about how that started.

The Angela/Jack relationship starting off with light flirting between myself and Michaela. We thought it made sense that these two characters, who both talked about all the men and woman they slept with and worked very closely together would be attracted to eachother. Pretty quickly Hart and Stephen picked up on it and sat us down and said, “What about this?” It’s been so great to see the relationship go from the flirting, to dating, sleeping together and then finally walking down the aisle.

What can fans expect from Jack and Angela this season?

This season we’re really taking it to another level. Jack and Angela are in an intense situation. She’s already married to someone that means nothing to her. They just have to find the guy and get her divorced and hopefully keep their relationship going — which I hope means walking down the aisle. I hope Jack and Angela make it. I really do.

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