Exclusive Interview: HOUSE Stars Omar Epps and Jennifer Morrison

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The TV Addict [left] with Omar Epps at the Fox Fall Launch Party 2007

Recently the TV Addict had the opportunity to chat with HOUSE stars Omar Epps and Jennifer Morrison. Here’s what they had to say about a slightly lighter workload, what fans can expect this season, and the brilliance of Hugh Laurie.

The TV Addict: Let me start off by saying, [to Omar Epps]. The moment when your character died on ER…. WOW! One of the best moments ever.

Omar Epps: [Laughing] Thank you. It’s been a long time. Time flies.

Were you at all apprehensive to play another doctor on television?

Omar Epps: Not at all. When I signed on to do ER, it was only 10 episodes. But HOUSE is a completely different show. We built something from the ground up.

How different has the start of this season been for you as actors, as you give up screen time for an entire slew of interns?

Jennifer Morrison: It’s been kind of exciting. For 3 years we’ve been doing very similarly structured episodes, a very procedural show. But this season the writer’s have really mixed it up.

Omar Epps: Since we knew we were coming back to the show [and weren’t really fired], it’s been cool!

Has it been strange having the workload of say, co-star Robert Sean Leonard?

Jennifer Morrison: As much as I love working, it’s a nice balance this season. I get to sleep a bit more and have a little more of a life.

Any talk of a spin-off? So many of the interns have been an absolute to watch.

Jennifer and Omar: Nope!

Jennifer Morrison: That doesn’t sound like our show.

Omar Epps: Not with David Shore running the ship.

Jennifer Morrison: He’s not a spin-off type of guy.

What’s it been like not having to answer directly to House?

Jennifer Morrison: Running my own department and not answering to House has been great.

Does that mean there’s hope for the Cameron/House shippers?

Jennifer Morrison: I totally think they should have sex. [Laughs] I’ve been saying that since season one. This season the dynamic is different. Now that I’m not his subordinate and he doesn’t have the ability to fire me, I think maybe there’s a chance.

There’s something different about the scenes we have together now. There’s a little more sass to them. I’m not as nervous around him.

Omar Epps: But uou got to keep the tension

Jennifer Morrison: At least until season 10.

Omar Epps: Then you’ll wake up and be like…. 10 years for this. [Laughter]

I’m in completely awe of Hugh Laurie. What’s it like to work with him?

Jennifer Morrison: It’s a fantastic experience. He’s such an incredibly real guy. So gifted and brilliant at what he does. Probably the only person on the planet who can play the character like he does. It’s ben really fun getting to know him. Coming into this many years working together, we really do feel like a family.

And he’s British. When I found that out — I couldn’t believe it!

Jennifer Morrison: I can’t believe he’s still putting on that fake British accent.

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    Jennifer Morrison is so lovely!!!! Thanks for this!!!

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    Hameron rules!!!

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    Omar Epps is such a good actor. Glad he is still with the show.

  • NLP

    I agree, Go Jennifer!, keep pushing for Hameron! But it sure looks like we’re going to have to wait in line for our turn tho. Not only is there the supposed Cuddy-fling ahead, now we’ve got Michael Michele in the picture. Good Grief! David, you can stop adding gorgeous females now, you’ve already had more than enough.

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    “: Then you’ll wake up and be like…. 10 years for this” OMG, did Omar just snap on Hameron? I kind of love him for that.



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    “I totally think they should have sex” haha, absolutely!!!

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