My Take on TV: The Season So Far

Howdy folks. Is it just me or does it feel like forever since we did some bonding over our favorite shows and how they’re doing this season? Where do you stand on what we’ve seen so far? Here’s how it shakes out for me:

DEXTER is still the king of the Sunday night TV for me. Michael C. Hall is phenomenal. How he didn’t get the Emmy, I’ll never know. I’m on the edge of my seat over every episode, and I just love the Bay Harbor Butcher storyline, and Lundy, and even Deb. I can’t wait to see who finds out Dexter’s secret first!!

Who is loving BROTHERHOOD as much as me? It’s such a gritty drama – it’s incredibly underrated. I’m obsessed!

I’m still getting a kick out of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES this season. The Halloween episode didn’t fail to delight. I like when a show gets back on track. Marc Cherry realized they went a little haywire, and he got them back on the train.

BROTHERS & SISTERS is one of my favorite shows on TV. There is nothing this Walker family can’t handle, and I’m just excited that the show isn’t afraid to cover controversial topics and show how a real family might deal.

So glad THE AMAZING RACE is back! And I’m beyond thrilled that Ari and Staella were the first two gone. What horrible people they appeared to be!

I’m mad at CBS for not having more of a promotional push for their 100th episode of COLD CASE The show is far superior to a lot of stuff currently on the air, and it was a charming little episode about a murder from the 30s.

I’m also sure to catch SHARK whenever I can. It’s on the TiVo and it makes for good need-filler-while-I’m-waiting-for-other-shows-to-come-on viewing.

CHUCK is the only thing I watch week to week, consistently on time on Mondays. I just love Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin. I think the writing has been a bit uneven, but Josh Schwartz promises the next few episodes is where it really comes into its own. I hope they can wow me and keep me watching, at least until they run out of new episodes due to the strike…

Is there no better character on TV than little Isabelle Hodes on WEEDS? She says what I’m thinking all the time. Her darling mother Celia is definitely number 2 on the list. And who else, besides me, is glad Conrad and Nancy finally knocked boots? I love the two of them. I hated when they were fighting!

Marshall and Lily getting married, Ted and Robin breaking up – these things could have ruined HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER but I feel like they’ve only made it stronger. This show has been a great ensemble piece so far this season, and I’m hooked!

TV Gods be damned, I like a Chuck Lorre show that airs on Monday nights on CBS. No, readers, not 2.5 Men, but the far funnier THE BIG BANG THEORY. I’ve been a fan of Johnny Galecki since back in the Roseanne days, and just love him in this show. And his cast of fellow geeks is just the stuff that comedy gold is made from.

Heaven help me, I’ve been watching THE BACHELOR. My TiVo picked it out for me, and decided that I would like it. Lo and behold, I’ve chosen my favorite (DeAnna) and can honestly say I can’t wait to see how it shakes out!

I’m done with HEROES unless they can wow me back into the sensationalism I felt towards it last year. It’s just not holding my interest enough. I turned it off tonight, y’all, in order to catch up on Journeyman from last week!

I’m still watching PRISON BREAK. It’s that easy to watch show that my dad and I enjoy watching together. I know they went the bad route, chopping Sarah’s head off, and all that, but it’s still a way to pass the time.

JOURNEYMAN has convinced me to stick with it. After the second episode, I wasn’t sure I could stay committed, but it keeps drawing me in, and I love every minute of it! Who else is sure that we’re headed for a Katie/Jack reunion in the future?

DANCING WITH THE STARS is not must-watch for me, but I have to say that if either Jane or Marie wins, I’m boycotting any and all future episodes.

Oh, and ALIENS IN AMERICA I’m glad you made it to iTunes so I can still catch up with you. You’re awesome.

Did CALIFORNICATION seriously get a season 2? Huh….

With each episode of BONES, I fall a little more in love with this ensemble. Everyone in the cast adds something different, and I just can’t imagine someone missing, even Cam, who I was not excited about last season. What’s more, my favorite Geek from FREAKS AND GEEKS and Geeks is a series regular now. John Francis Daley on my favorite crime procedural? Count me in, indefinitely!

Is it just me, or is HOUSE kicking serious creative ass this year? I didn’t know how they were going to do it, once they wrote themselves into the “House doesn’t have a team” corner that we got at the end of last season, but damnit if I am not as hooked as ever! I like the newbies, and am excited to see what reality TV shows House throws in to whittle it down to [Spoiler Alert] new series regulars Olivia Wilde (13), Kal Penn (duh), and Peter Jacobsen (the plastic surgeon).

SVU is the only LAW AND ORDER version that I care to watch. If only for the Benson/Stabler/will they/won’t they-ness of it all. I love the entire cast, but I have to say, if I was going to pick one thing to harp on, it’s the addition of Chester Lake. No offense to Adam Beach, but he wasn’t needed.

I feel like PUSHING DAISIES was created just for me. Like a love letter to the attention I paid back in the day to gone-but-never-forgotten Wonderfalls. I could go one for hours about the love I feel for this show, but let me just say, if it was a person, I think I’d marry it.

GOSSIP GIRL is my number 2 show on Wednesdays. It’s a nice break to reality to watch these extremely over the top teenagers get away with too much stuff that I’d never even thought of trying in high school.

Addison Montgomery was my favorite character on Grey’s Anatomy. Ironically enough, she’s my least favorite character on PRIVATE PRACTICE. I wish I loved this show like this show could be loved. It’s got the makings of amazing-ness with the cast they’ve assembled. I’d like to see them get there. Fingers crossed. I’m holding out hope until David Sutcliffe shows up – hopefully he can inject some much needed life into it!

DIRTY SEXY MONEY, one of my favorite pilots of the year, has not yet disappointed me. I’m as addicted now as I was when it first began circulating. Peter Krause is so great, and I have to give major props to Billy Baldwin and Donald Sutherland for kicking serious acting tail.

I worried Damian Lewis’ ticks on LIFE would make me not want to watch it. Boy was I wrong. I am hooked on his crazy neuroses, and his fruit addiction. Life is a nice way to end a Wednesday viewing schedule!

Where would I be without THE OFFICE? I love this show. I love the cast. I love the writers. I love this show. We’re only going to lose 8 of the 30 episodes due to the strike, should the strike continue for too long. That’s not too bad! I am so glad that I gave the American version of this show a chance way back when. I also feel like, because I spent a weekend with these folks and some of the most diehard fans, the show has a whole new meaning and I love it even more!

GREY’S ANATOMY is a sinking skeletal ship of the fabulousness we once knew and loved. I think it’s trying to float again, and I will be there to crack a bottle of champagne on the hull when that happens. Enough with the metaphors. The show I used to worship is not the same as it was. And believe it or not, I’m in the minority that likes George and Izzie. There’s just something off about the whole thing. Any ideas?

Anyone else feeling like 30 ROCK is a smidge less funny than it was last year? I’ll give it another shot, but I’m not sold.

If you work at a fashion magazine, you’d think someone would pluck your eyebrows, UGLY BETTY I work in market research, and I still know that you have to have it done! I’m loving the Hilda/Justin storyline, I’m over the Alexis is a better daughter than Daniel is a son storyline, and I’m not sure I’m rooting for Henry and Betty as much as I was, now that I’ve met awesome!Gio the sandwich maker ha!

I love WITHOUT A TRACE, I’m so invested in the Sam and Jack storyline that I thought I was going to vomit, watching Sam tell Jack about the being pregnant. I only hope that they bring real life daddy Adam Kaufman back to the show to play the show!daddy to Sam’s kid. He’s cute ha. Was anyone else secretly hoping that Sam was lying to Elena when she said the father was no one Elena knew? I was hoping Sam and Jack had one last fling and ended up with a baby. I’m so soap opera!

BIG SHOTS I’ve watched you one time. Rob Thomas, step up, help the show soon before Vartan is left jobless. Again. Thanks.

I’m so glad that SCRUBS is back. The final season, and it’s still making me laugh out loud. I’m going to miss the Sacred Heart gang!

I’m not watching ER but I’d like to, now that Reiko Aylesworth is recurring for a bit. I miss Michele Dessler. Why couldn’t she have miraculously survived the bomb blast?

I love MEN IN TREES. ABC has certainly treated it shoddily, but it’s so adorable that it’ll bounce back! Who doesn’t love Elmo, Alaska?

When did Fridays at 9 become the time to watch? FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, my favorite show of all time (and that’s saying a lot, considering previous title holders Veronica Mars and Arrested Development), is just so good. I’m in love with every storyline, yes, even the murderous one. I love every character, yes, even Buddy Garrity. There is just something so real about this show and so painful, and horrible, and gritty, and I’m just so emotionally drained after watching it, and it makes me think and I love every minute of it.

WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB came as a big shocker for me. Huge Angie Harmon fan, sure, but never did I expect to be hooked on her show!

Talk about crazy – a vampire lives and fights crime in LA with a sassy blonde reporter, and a witty best friend vampire. MOONLIGHT is my sleeper hit of the season. Sure, it’s campy, and the acting it as wooden as the stakes that paralyze the vampires, but I can’t get enough. Did I mention Jason Dohring? Because yeah, Logan Echolls is a super hot 400 year old vampire.

What about you all? What did I miss (there’s a lot of TV I’ve already given up on), what are you watching? Let’s hear it!

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  • Mana

    I agree on most things… well, I agree with you on all the things I watch anyway. Heroes, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, Pushing Daisies, Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights. Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV. No doubt about it… the style, the writing, the characters, the acting… it has everything going for it. Pushing Daisies is lovely. It has such a Tim Burton feel to it that I can’t help but enjoy. Gossip Girl is mindless entertainment which is actually nice enough. Heroes, Grey’s and Prison Break I keep watching but I sure don’t love them anymore.

    So yeah… oh and Supernatural belongs on the Thursday night schedule (even if this season has been a little more Buffy than what I’m comfortable with).

  • amanda

    It’s too bad you missed Heroes last night, because it’s renewed my faith in that show. Seriously, give it one more chance – that episode was MIND-BLOWING.

  • HEROES is Back with a Bang. They have a purpose, a show has been reborn. Heroes had the best episode of the season on last night, and next week is the raison d’etre of the show, an effects extravaganza, that will hopefully beat last weeks shimmering green screen nightmare.

    Watch Heroes, and dont forget to “save the cheerleader, save the world”

  • Mel

    Supernatural on Thursdays!
    Mon: Chuck is a delightful series – getting better.
    Heroes mostly redeemed itself last night — thank you (finally) David Anders for delivering the one line that may just have saved the series for me! (I won’t say it since you didn’t see it yet)
    Bones –gotta love the Squints!! I like The Unit on Tuesdays. Much improved this year.
    Wed: I’m still liking Bionic Woman — yeah, so sue me — I like it. And I absolutely adore Life — that is my unexpected hit of the season.
    Thur: I’m hanging in there with Smallville and did I mention Supernatural on Thursday is the highlight of my week?
    Agree Moonlight is an awesome amount of fun on a Friday night.

  • Ok gang, looks like I’ll need to catch up on Heroes super quick! I always do that – just as I’ve given up on a show, it has a mindblowing episode I need to go back to!!

  • CC

    YES Wonderfall fans finally get their vindication =)

    And I love you for loving Men in Trees.

    And I hope others are watching Moonlight too!

  • Josh Emerson

    Mainly, I disagree with you on Heroes and Grey’s. I’ve already said enough about Heroes here, so let’s go with Grey’s. I honestly think the show has rebounded from last season. After I’m done watching an episode, I’m actually anticipating the next one. Even the George/Izzie crap isn’t as awful because we at least get to see them suffer.

    Oh yeah, I disagree about 30 Rock too. I think that show is just plain brilliant. Jack’s impersonations of Tracy and his family was the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV all season.

    I agree with you on the rest of my shows though (except Henry >>> Gio). Brothers & Sisters and How I Met Your Mother are as great as ever, and I’m in love with Pushing Daisies. 😀

  • Patty

    I agree with pretty much everything you said, but you forgot Supernatural on Thursdays. That show is so awsome and it is having it’s best season yet!

  • Mark

    I’m in agreement with you on almost everything. Heroes I definitely agree with you (and yes, I watched the episode last night, and it was good. But just one episode isn’t going to fix my damaged faith I have in the show). And I laughed pretty hard when I read that Gossip Girl was your second favorite show on Wednesdays. Who knew? But I’m very disappointed with the lack of Supernatural coverage on your Thursday line up, this season keeps getting better and better with each episode.

  • Kari

    I’m with you on Bones, House, Pushing Daisies, Life, and Dirty Sexy Money, but how could you leave SUPERNATURAL off of your Thursday night?!?!

  • Allright Supernatural fans, I think you’ve convinced me to give it a go. I’m going to get caught up over the next few weeks, and I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts!! 🙂

  • Borja

    I miss Veronica Mars!!