Tonight on TV — The TV Addict!

Tonight’s Must Watch TV — TVTropolis’ signature game show INSIDE THE BOX.

Does the TV Addict live up to his self-proclaimed status as TV know-it-all? Or will he embarrass himself in front of millions of viewers? Judging from today’s sneak peak [see clip above] — things aren’t looking good.

But find out for yourself, tonight at 6PM on TVTropolis.

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  • What is a TVatropolis?

  • TVTropolis is a Canadian network somewhat equivalent to Nick at Night. It airs some TV Addict old school favorites such as 90210, Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, etc.

  • OMG, you got yourself so flustered in that clip. Damn my not living in Canada. I want to see it so bad.

  • Will we somehow get to watch it here in the US? 😀

  • ||TheTVAddictAddict||


    Your last 2 guesses were classic. 🙂

    Good work regardless!

  • ACK. I missed it. Did you win? (stupid work that kept me later because of a mistake from… oddly. the writers… )

  • OMG, Daniel. That’s great. Give us the full clip, will ya? I want to see how you did.