HEROES, HOUSE and [strike] HELL

Today’s good news — HEROES showrunner Tim Kring finally acknowledged to EW.com what this TV Addict has been saying for months — HEROES is broken. Revealing among other things that the pace of the season has been too slow, the new heroes weren’t introduced properly and Hiro was in Japan for far too long [well duh!]. The bad news — with the writer’s strike in full swing it’s looking like Kring and Co. will have quite a few months to ensure season three gets off on the right foot [translation: Wes, Monica and the Wonder Twins are killed swiftly by Kristen Bell’s Elle]

As much as I’m loving the new season of HOUSE, is anyone else starting to feel a little bad for Cameron, Chase and Cuddy? To make way for the new interns, they’ve all pretty much pulled a “Robert Sean Leonard” this season. Don’t get me wrong, the new interns have been loads of fun [especially the bitchy one]. But isn’t it time for HOUSE to show the series regulars we’ve come to know and love a little more respect?

We’re only 3 days into the WGA strike, and this TV Addict is already jonsin’ for my nightly fix of THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT. Who’d have thought the one network I’d miss the most would be Comedy Central — the home of such celebrated shows like KENNY VS. SPENNY and Crank Yankers? Should not American heroes like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert be except from the strike? There shows are [sadly] my only source for news!

  • SimplyKimberly

    I know your pain. 24 hasn’t even started yet and I think I am writing off any chance of it seeing air time in January. It is my favorite show on tv and the one I would gladly give up all others for. And THIS is the season a strike impacts it? Almeida is back and sporting a bad@ss new look too! :cries:

    I wish the studios/networks would just give the writers what they deserve and not render TiVos across the land pretty much useless.

  • ewanspotter

    Booooo to the interns on “House.” I know, I know. They wanted to mix things up! Fire the old people! Be edgy!

    Come on. Don’t mess with what works. There are plenty of things they could have done with Chase, Cameron, and Foreman to mix things up.

    Wilson’s a great character to use for general moral conversations as well as procedure. Chase and Cameron doing that too? Eh.

  • Well, work-force battles are necessary, especially in nowadays rampant wild capitalism, so more power to them! And it’s a good thing that all concerned are participating. Maybe viewers just have to read a book or meanwhile 😉

    I have enjoyed Heroes season 2 so far, but I guess I’m more patient than other fans.