TV-aholics Anonymous with Tim

Hi, my name is Tim and I have a problem. I’m a TV-aholic. This past week I had a problem of a different nature, though. I call it TV OD. I’ve come to the realization this week that I’m already burn-out on TV this (incredibly overcrowded) fall season and maybe this writer’s strike isn’t such a bad thing after all. Wait; just hear me out, ok?

I work 9 hours a day with a 45-60 minute commute each way, so usually by the time I get home all I want to do is just veg out. You know, have a little dinner and curl up on the couch for a couple hours before going to bed. Lately though, I’ve been finding it harder and harder to do this. It has nothing to do with me being tired or having other things to do, mainly it’s because I can’t just sit in front of the TV anymore. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “What kind of TV addict are you, huh?” In all fairness I still love TV; I just need to do other things in my life. It’s like I suddenly have a case of TV-ADD or something. My brain screams for intellectual stimulation that shows like Bionic Woman and Cane can’t provide.

Case in point, after missing a few of my favorite shows last week, I hopped on the couch and stayed in Friday night to catch up a little. After watching Heroes, Pushing Daisies and Bones on the DVR, I couldn’t even bring myself to think about watching Men in Trees or Friday Night Lights. Yes, that’s how bad it was. I PASSED ON FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! I’m starting to think there might be something wrong with me. Who in their right mind passes on Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton and Taylor Kitsch’s abs?!

Then on Saturday I worked my usual weekend job at a local liquor store. Sometimes I’ll bring my old little 12″ TV/VCR and watch some of the things that I’ve taped… What? Tapes? Well, they’re these cartridges that have magnetic film inside that you can record TV shows on. Kind of archaic, I know. Anyway, I’ll watch things that I have taped over the course of the week. After seeing the stack of things I had taped I got a nauseous feeling in my stomach and passed. I have something like 3 episodes of Gossip Girl, 2 Reapers, 2 Smallvilles, 2 How I Met Your Mothers, 2 Big Bang Theories, 2 Weeds, 3 Dexters all just sitting and waiting. It’s like they’re calling out to me, “Pick me, choose me, Watch me!” like some whiny surgical intern from Seattle.

So my reasoning goes, maybe if this strike does actually happen I’ll be able to catch up on shows at a more leisurely pace. I mean, I certainly have a stockpile of things to catch up on already. I think I’ll just save these for when the re-runs kick in next month regardless of the strike or not. After all, there’s a silver lining to everything, right?

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  • “My brain screams for intellectual stimulation that shows like Bionic Woman and Cane can’t provide.”

    Well, there’s your problem! You are looking for stimulation from Bionic Woman and Cane! hah 😉

    But seriously Tim, I know the feeling. I get a bit overwhelmed too, although I’d bet I watch a TON more than you do, having 2 dual-tuner DVR’s that are constantly recording 4 hours at a time! lol

    So yeah, while I’m dreading the lack of new tv, it may not be such a bad thing. My hubby & I may actually get caught up on movies we’ve been wanting to see. lol

  • Jay

    FREAK!!! (Does that seem harsh?) There is never enough of T.V.! NEVER!! I’m an addict, 2. I don’t have my DVR anymore, whuich sucks, but I’ll just catch it on DVD, I’m a DVD addict 2, That’s why I’m always broke.

  • Linda B.

    I completely agree w/ you about this strike possibly being a good thing for us addicts. I’m one of those that actually looks forward to summer reruns and crappy reality tv (that i don’t watch) so i can go out and have a life and/or catch up on movies on HBO, SHO, etc. that i pay for but never really watch during the regular tv season.

    But, i definitely think you need to watch those 3 Dexter episodes you’ve been neglecting. They’ll give you the intellectual stimulation that BW and Cane lack.

  • shanna

    ITA. I went out of town for 4 days and came back to so many shows it made my head spin. I’m only just now catching up and I came back to town over a week ago. Luckily there were repeats of GG last week.

    Plus, now that I work 6 days a week, I find myself DVR’ing more tv than ever and falling asleep at 9 rather than 11. AND there are new cable shows premiering every week with Nip/Tuck, Real Housewives and now Project Runway returning.

    I need a break

  • I can totally relate — not enough hours in the day to work, take care of what needs taking care of, and getting my fill of TV (Thursday night scheduling is killing me this season). I intend to take advantage of the writers’ strike to catch up on my TiVo queue. At least, that’s the plan.

  • I can *totally* relate to what Tim’s saying. I counted, and there are *21* primetime shows I’m watching this fall, but I only look forward to about 14 of them (and even some of those are occasionally disappointing). It’s almost a chore trying to fit in the other seven. If/when BSG, Lost, Jericho, New Amsterdam, and Sarah Conner Chronicles come out in 2008, the TV shedule will get even more crowded.

    A few weeks ago, when I was still unemployed, I had all the time in the world. But, with a job for the last 3.5 weeks, it’s hard to fit it all in, especially since I actually get out of the house and do something one night a week, usually on Mondays, a night that four of the best shows are on. I have to stay up late to watch a couple Mon shows, then I’m behind for the rest of the week. By the time I catch up on Mon & Tue, Friday night shows roll around. Then, I spend the weekend catching up on Wed & Thurs night shows that aren’t that good in the first place.

    Here’s another side effect of the WGA strike… Several shows are not going to have a normal season finale. Those shows are just going to “stop,” possibly with no satisfying end, before an unusually long gap until their fall 2008 return.

    All things considered, it seems like the ideal circumstances to drop some unsatisfying new shows and some declining old ones. Even if I drop Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, and *maybe* Bionic Woman and Women’s Murder Club, I’ll get several hours of my life back but still have over a dozen shows to keep me qualified as a TV addict/TV-aholic. 😉 I’m strongly considering it.

  • The only “silver lining” is that some shows that would have potentially been cancelled already have been given a chance to hang around a little longer, because of the potential of a strike. Thus, giving them longer to garner a larger audience and then possibly a full season pickup. Unfortunately, on the flip side, if the strike goes on too long, the ones that would have gotten a full season pickup and then a chance at a second, may just disappear altogether. I hope they find a resolution to this sooner than later.