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Anyone who thought the folks on A SHOT AT LOVE WITH TILA TEQUILA had exorcised the house of psychos with Ashley’s departure last week were proven wrong when Vanessa — she of that weird Mickey-Mouse ears hairdo — proved herself to be nearly as crazy. Meanwhile, who knew you could talk about having your balls waxed on television? I almost felt bad when Michael’s attempt to “man up” by letting his privates be waxed wasn’t enough to keep him in the competition. (I did, I’ll admit, laugh when the self-professed mama’s boy had his exit underscored by the song “Mama, I’m comin’ home.”) There’s little I love more than seeing an idiot put in his place, which is exactly what happened when Bobby tried to say that virgin Ashli couldn’t possibly know she’s a lesbian because she’s never been with a guy. She responded by asking how he knew he was straight if he’d never slept with a guy, prompting the uptight and narrow-minded guy to declare he was “done with” the conversation. And is it just me, or did Amanda – the Amazonian giantess, cough up a fur ball when her name was called?

I can’t get enough of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL’s Heather. There’s just something ethereal and haunting about her beauty. When she literally vamped it up to play a bloodsucker in Enrique Iglesias’ video, she stole the show. (By the way, sharp-eyed viewers might have picked up on the fact that the lead woman in that vid was actually Donna Feldman, aka Gloria the trashy secretary from the late, lamented — if only by me — FASHION HOUSE.) Meanwhile, this week’s pick to go home seemed pretty obvious even before the final two were announced, especially when Sarah showed up for panel in the kind of outfit a mom might wear to pick up the kids at soccer practice… and the kids would totally be praying that she stayed in the car for the sake of their social standing.

Okay, the writer’s strike now has a body count: FOX has declared that 24 is dead in the water and won’t be airing this season. Meanwhile, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is closing up shop because they’ve filmed the last written episode. How is this possible? Everyone has known for months this strike was coming, so why is there not a backlog of scripts? I realize that most sitcoms try and prepare scripts as close to their tape date as possible so as to keep the material timely and fresh (as evidenced by CAVEMEN), but surely DH could have — with this much advance notice — prepared enough scripts to get them through the season?

I despise when a show treats viewers as if they’re stupid. Were we really not supposed to immediately know that the girl bumping and grinding on the stage of the burlesque club during the opening scene of last night’s GOSSIP GIRL was Blair? Aside from that, it was another fine outing that seems to really be coming into its own. Blair and Nate’s final-moment hook-up was unexpected and one of those moments that sets up delicious story for future episodes.

Is it sick and incredibly wrong that I actually want to see HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ON ICE? Wait… don’t answer that.

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  • Chris

    “But surely DH could have — with this much advance notice — prepared enough scripts to get them through the season?”

    Why would the DH writers work themselves to the bone to help out the studios prior to the strike? They’re under no obligation to work outside the normal writing/production schedule so there’s definitely no incentive for them to give the studios the added leverage. All these shows going dark will hopefully get both sides back to the negotiation table soon.

  • Chris’s answer nails it. The studios can ask for more scripts upfront, but why should the writers oblige knowing they’re just trying to work them harder so they have a buffer of scripts available?

  • CT

    To a certain degree, what you’re saying is true. But the fact is that if the show assigned the scripts, writers – knowing the strike was coming and wanting to get a few more paychecks before the big day – would have gladly accepted the assignments. For that matter, Marc Cherry could have written them himself!

    Frankly, I’m not so sure that the shows going dark will push anyone back to the table. First, they’ll wait and see how filling the hours with reality programming does. The networks might very well take a “see, we can keep this up for as long as you want.” Because remember, the difference is that the networks will still put programs on the air, whereas the writers won’t… well, have jobs!

  • Mel

    American Idol is a guilty pleasure and since I would have watched it regardless of the strike – I will continue to — but I won’t be watching any other reality stuff put up to fill the schedule and break the strike. I hope I’m not alone in this resolve.