Take the NBC Page-Off Challenge

jack mcbrayer

When we last left 30 ROCK two weeks ago, Jenna accidently burned Kenneth’s NBC Page jacket leading to an unexpected yet hilarious fight club style “Page-off” in the bowels of 30 Rockefellar Centre.
Yet before the fight/NBC Trivia contest could commence, uber-page Donne and newbie page Kenneth were interrupted by a very angry Pete. Which left this TV Addict disappointed. Not so much because I didn’t get to witness what would undoubtedly be one really funny fight. Rather I was excited to see how I’d fare in the NBC Trivia contest.

Which naturally led to thinking, why not run our very own NBC “Page-Off”?

Think you’ve got the smarts to outwit Kenneth? Have what it takes to wear the illustrious navy blue jacket? Click the link below to answer 10 not-so-simple NBC related questions, leaving your answer in the comments below.

1. Tom Cavanagh, Julie Bowen, Leslie Boone, and Josh Randall starred in this romantic comedy set in the town of Stuckeyville.

2. What famous NBC star did WILL & GRACE’s Jack and Karen practically accost in a local coffee shop? Bonus points: Name the two NBC shows he or she’s guested on.

3. Casper Van Dien starred in this much-hyped, yet quickly cancelled NBC Aaron Spelling Sudser. Name it.

4. Before it was known as Comedy Night Done Right, it was called what?

5. NBC started broadcasting television in what year? Bonus Points: Name the year NBC was founded?

6. NBC’s trademark Peacock logo has six feathers. What do they represent?

7. Trying to replicate the success of FRIENDS, NBC produced many dreadful sitcoms that landed in the plum 8:30PM slot. Name three that lasted no more than one season!

8. When NBC re-jigged SEAQUEST DSV in a desperate attempt to attract more viewers. What year did they add to the title?

9. Name the short-lived series that had humans searching for a new planet to inhabit.

10. Who founded NBC?

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  • Oh, and one more thing…. No Google Cheating! If you were ever to find yourself in a genuine Page-Off… you totally wouldn’t be able to let your guard down to google NBC facts on your iPhone! [or would you?]

  • 1: Ed
    3: Titans
    4: Must See TV
    6: NBC’s divisons (I’ve taken the studio tour :P)
    7: Coupling, Union Square, Whoopi?
    8: Ha, 2032.
    9: Earth 2
    10: RCA

    Damn, only 8 out of 10.

  • Jefferson

    1. Ed
    2. Bebe Neuwirth; guest-starred on Frasier and Newsradio
    3. Titans – LOVED it
    4. Must See TV
    5. Sometime in the 30s I think…?
    6. The Divisions of NBC
    7. Inside Schwartz, Four Kings and the bastardized Coupling
    8. I think 2032
    9. Earth 2 (loved it!)
    10. That would be RCA.

    How’d I do?

  • Less Strike news

    1: Ed
    2: Bebe Neuwirth (Frasier & Law and Order SVU)
    3: Titans
    4: Must See TV
    5: Founded in 1926 broadcast in 1941
    6: The divisions of NBC
    7: Boston Common, Cursed, Inside Schwartz
    8: 2032
    9: Earth 2
    10: RCA