Post Your Favorite TV Quotes of the Week

It’s Friday and if you’re a frequent visitor to — you know what that means! Time to post your FAVORITE TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK! New to No idea what I’m talking about? Simply post your favorite quotes of the week in the comments below and check back Sunday to see the winners. Odds are they’ll look something like this.

  • Bonus Points if you post your favorite Strike Slogan or chant of the week. This TV Addict’s personal favorite thus far:

    Picket sign at Fox: “Honk if you’re horny for fairness.”

  • Less Strike news

    Best Picket Sign: “Do you want to know what the Island is?”-Carlton Cuse of Lost

  • SimplyKimberly

    I was just going to ask if strike slogans or quotes were eligible.

    My favorite one is from Greg Daniels in the “The Office Is Closed” YouTube video:

    I encourage the companies to send the lawyers in to write our episodes because their lawyers are very creative terming a full length airing of an episode, with paid for commercials, online a “promo” is really a good example of creativity and imagination.

    I’ve never watched The Office. But I just might once this strike is over because the writers on that show are really funny.

  • Less Strike News. Great Post. Here’s a pic of that sign.

  • Less Strike news

    The Office:

    1) Toby: (Explaining his wilderness adventure) Made so many s’mores, that I finally had to say, “No more s’mores, no more s’mores.”

    2) Dwight: Do I believe that Michael possesses the skills to survive in a hostile environment? Let’s put it this way: no, I do not.

    3) Michael: [flashback to Stanley’s birthday] Look at those wrinkles. Blacks do crack! Not crack the drug.

    4) Stanley: I took an extra shot of insulin in preparation for this cake today. If I don’t have some cake soon, I might die.

    5) Jim: Well, I don’t think I’ll be here in ten years.
    Michael: That’s what I said. That’s what she said.
    Jim: That’s what who said?
    Michael: I never know. I just say it. I say stuff like that, you know, to lighten the tension. When things sort of get hard.
    Jim: That’s what she said.
    Michael: Hey! Nice. Really good. Bravo, my young ward.

  • Less Strike news

    Huge office fan…only one episode left is what I heard this morning 🙁

  • Josh Emerson

    “Nice job blending in with the crowd. Who are you rooting for, death?” Chuck to Casey (Chuck)

    “Hillary Clinton wants an all homosexual army. How will that affect my family?” –

    “Look how Greenzo’s testing. They love him in every demographic: colored people, broads, fairies, commis. Gosh I’m gonna update these forms.” – Jack (30 Rock)

    “That’s how you wanna play this. Whip ’em out, measure ’em.” – Jack to Kenneth (30 Rock)

    “Quiet…a whale is in trouble. I have to go!” – Al Gore (30 Rock)

    “This Earth is ruined! We’ve gotta get a new one.” – Liz (30 Rock)

    “It’s the countdown to the Bradimina wedding. It’s a national holiday! I don’t even think there’s mail today.” Justin (Ugly Betty)

    “Oh Willi and I go way back. She’s practically my second mum” – Victoria Beckham
    “It’s a flower. She thinks of you as a second flower!” – Marc (Ugly Betty)

  • Chuck:

    Morgan: I want out of the hole.
    Harry Tang: I’d rather take a potato peeler to my groin.

    Chuck: Are people getting freaky in the break room?
    Morgan: No, but I’d like to have the option.

    Ugly Betty:

    I forget whether it was:

    “Trans-fatty, hottie in disguise” or “Trans-fatty, more than meets the eye”

    but either way it’s funny. That or Amanda’s performance of Milkshake.

  • jeremy

    i agree to :

    “This Earth is ruined! We’ve gotta get a new one.” – Liz (30 Rock)

    that was a funny scene

    maybe a quote from the scene in jack’s office after kenneth’s party…there was a funny one there but I cant remember it exactly.

  • Mark


    Dean: “Can I shoot her?”
    Sam: “Not in public.”

    Bela: “You know when this is over? We should really have angry sex.”
    Dean: “Don’t objectify me.”

    Dean: “Wow. You know, I knew you were an immoral theif and con-artist bitch.

  • Mark

    (edit: continuation from last line)

    …but just when I thought my opinion of you couldn’t get any lower…”

  • Mel

    Like mark said above:
    “Don’t objectify me.” Dean on Supernatural

  • Darn, Mark beat me to all the great Supernatural quotes this week. lol

  • Elizabeth

    “”Ted, how many times have I asked you to put the lid back on the peanut butter jar? It’s this sort of inconsiderate, immature, jackassery that makes me feel like I’m living in the Real World house. And not the early years when they had jobs and social consciences. I’m talking about Hawaii and after!” – Marshall to Ted on How I Met Your Mother.

    “Looks a lot better on 24.” – House upon entering the CIA on House.
    *whimpers about no 24*

  • Melissa

    Picket sign: Jesus was a writer

  • Elliot

    one of the funniest segments I’ve ever seen in my life:

    Dwight: “I keep weapons strategically hidden around the office”

  • HIMYM-
    After Barney brings a girl to an appartment that’s not his:
    Girl: (picking up picture frame) Who are these people?
    Barney: (not looking) Uh, my parents.
    Girl: But they’re Asian.
    Barney: Um, Asian parents, White baby. It works the other way too.

  • MZY

    Dwight: “Nothing to worry about, just using the scope. Safety is….*click*…on.

  • Coop

    30 Rock:

    Kenneth: Mr. Lutz you at all my Parakeet’s medication and thank to you Sonny Crocket has been having seizures all morning.

    And Ms. Lemon. i will have you know that before last night, i have never, EVER, seen grizz or dot com cry.

  • *showtime

    From Ugly Betty
    Mark: This wedding is so fancy Armani is wearing Prada.

  • DJ

    Again, like Mark above said, from Supernatural

    Dean: “Can I shoot her?”
    Sam: “Not in public.”

  • wall

    30 Rock: Liz Lemon: There are poptarts in the bed. Oh my god, what do you do with the poptarts?????