WGA Strike Watch: Day 5

MEDIUM stars Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber walked the picket line at their Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studio. Am I the only one who thought MEDIUM was cancelled? [See pic]

Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that ABC’s BIG SHOTS is wrapping and have been told that they wouldn’t be coming back after the strike. And they say nobody benefits from this strike? [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

YouTube Strike Video Fun: Megabux-Corp. vs. Writers, WGA Galaxy, Fade to Black.

THE OFFICE’s Jenna Fischer claims the episode they were just about to shoot was the funniest episode yet. Way to rub it in Jenna! [See Jenna’s MySpace]

An Open Letter from Joss Whedon. [Variety]

The TV Addict’s key to ensuring the strike ends early. Boycott Reality TV!

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  • Linda B.

    I guess if Big Shots is officially cancelled, i’ll go ahead and delete the 7 episodes i’ve been saving to watch to see if it’ll make it or not. Did anyone watch this show and if so, was it ANY good?

  • Linda T.

    Honestly, I really really liked it. If it’s cancelled, I’m really going to be bummed out!

  • love the joss wedon letter. thanks tvaddict.

  • Yes, you were the only one who thought Medium was cancelled. 😛 I’ve known for months it was coming back mid-season, as I’m sure most Medium fans did. 😛

  • Skye2477

    Once again I am reminded why Joss is a god. and once again I am reminded that the networks can’t see the forrest for the trees…