Witness Serious Support for the WGA

Over the first five days of the Writer’s strike, this TV Addict has received hundreds of comments and emails expressing support for the WGA.

Yet only one friend has taken his support to the next level. Click the link below to witness what real support means.

Do you have what it takes to do the same? We highly doubt it!

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  • jeremy

    i just signed the petition, and i guess that makes a little bit of a difference, right?

  • I’m confused. Is this someone we know?

  • Okay clearly nobody’s grasping the joke here. But it’s pretty vague so I’ll take the blame.

    It’s a commentary on everybody’s addiction to Facebook.

    Friend ‘X’ is giving up endlessly updating his facebook ‘status’ in support of the WGA!

    Now that you get it… come’on… you know it’s funny!

  • shanna

    I got it (w/o the explanation) and it is hilarious.