WGA Strike Watch: Day 6

First the DOG-gate, now this. ELLEN DEGENERES has not had a good month!

An OFFICE grip’s view of the strike. [LA TIMES]

An Assistant’s view of the strike.

More support for the writers is popping up online. Check out fans4writers.com and sign the petition [Currently at over 30,000 signatures and counting!]

The WGA has invaded Twitter and MySpace. The perfect opportunity to add two new digital friends.

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  • shanna

    I think Ellen has put out nothing but excuses. She cancelled her show when her dog was taken (was she worried about the fans then?) and then she says she doesn’t want to affect her crew (who will be screwed later when they want to negoiate with studios if the WGA fails) and now it’s contractual obligations. Bottom line: she doesn’t want to get sued.

    I read the article from The Office grip and I agree that strikes are hard on everyone but if the WGA strike helps all the other unions get a larger piece of the pie down the road then it’s worth it. I think that’s why people are afraid to strike. They’d rather go on getting underpaid and having something than demanding what they deserve.