With our one day strike in support of the WGA finally behind us [Seriously, who’d have guessed that not blabbering on endlessly about television for a day would be so difficult!] this TV Addict can finally get a few things off his chest.

First on the list — HEROES. It’s not so much that I hated Monday’s episode. I simply watched the entire hour thinking, “If only they started the season off this way!” Just imagine. How much more exciting would “Generations” have been if we knew that Adam and Peter were on the run from The Company. That the ‘Wonder Twin’s’ crime was essentially a wedding massacre and that Niki suddenly found herself with a lot more than just Jessica to contend with.

While it comes as no surprise —considering the brilliance of season one — this TV Addict is officially proclaiming DEXTER as this fall’s Must Watch Show. And not just Must Watch. It’s Must Watch with no interruptions. No phone, internet or food. Simply me, mesmerized and on the edge of my seat as Lundy and Co. creep closer and closer to realizing that the Bay Harbour Butcher is one of their own. Gulp!

Is anyone else struggling to figure out where Robin fits in when it comes to this season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER? While the show’s done a marvelous job of highlighting the ups and downs of Marshall and Lilly’s post-nuptial life, Ted’s quest for coupledom and Barney being well, Barney. Robin seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. Here’s hoping that post-strike, MOTHER masterminds Carter Bays and Craig Thomas give the deserving Cobie Smulders a far more substantial role to play in the show. A fellow Canadian and former Pop Star deserves a far better fate then TV sidekick.

And finally. I have a feeling NIP/TUCK’s Julian McMahon left his acting skills in Miami when McNamara/Troy moved to LA. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely loving NIP/TUCK: 90210 edition, but simply can’t believe how poor a job McMahon is doing of hiding his Australian accent. Hey McMahon — Get’cha Head in the Game!

  • Linda B.

    Instead of blogging yesterday, were you watching HSM again???

    Regarding Dexter, i think we have a contender for quote of the week –
    “I own you.”


  • paketep

    Speaking of HIMYM, since they solved really well the previous trip into the future… did anyone notice that Ted seemed NOT to be wearing a wedding ring three years later?.

    So, barring some error, we should have at least 3 more seasons until the wedding 😉

  • Linda B: Thanks for outing my HSM shame. Secondly, DEXTER vs. Doakes is simply amazing.

    Paketep — I’m totally with you on that. I watched that scene three times in the search for clues.

  • I don’t get the reasoning behind the anti-Heroes comments lately…
    The show is building slowly and it seems the masses can’t deal with it.
    Heroes is doing fine this season I have NO complaints.

  • steve adams,

    Are you seriously defending HEROES, even after creator Tim Kring apologized to fans for the lackluster start to the season?

  • Hey now, I also am enjoying Heroes. Because Mr. Kring said “yeah, could’ve been better” doesn’t mean our enjoyment is any less valid or real.

    Keep it up Tim Kring!

  • Ah, Dexter. There’s a show I can watch over and over. Dexter vs. Doakes, Lundy’s wily coolness — it’s all good. Now if only they’d get rid of Lila…

  • shanna

    I thought the latest ep of Heroes was great but I also agree that it was four eps too late. If they had opened with the Hiro in Japan, Maya/Alejandro and Monica set-up and hen went straight to this new crisis and the flashback to after the bomb it would have been an even better season.

    It’s really picking up though. In a way, it’s great for the strike, Heroes is just getting good and now I want the writers to get back so they can finish this story the right way.